“WE + YOU” = PROXIMITY (even if only on-line) + COURAGE + KNOW HOW + RESILIENCE = these are the words we like to wish you for 2021

Thanks to all Miretti team for the exceptional results made in 2020. Huge efforts have been put in place in order to accomplish all commitments across the globe. From America’s to Australia, from the Baltic Sea to the Mining in South Africa.  This is just the beginning of an incredible successful story of an Italian company that has reached the edge in Explosion Proof technology.


2021…. The new year has begun… We hope that the 2021 will reserve the best for all of you.


Miretti Group is and will be beside all customers globally who need support, resolutive answers, reliable solutions in Explosion Proof Protections and Emission Control Systems, always and everywhere.

  • We… are a team!
  • We…. are all together!
  • We… continue to be beside all our customers worldwide for Safety in Hazardous Areas for the environment and human beings
  • 2021…. “We&You” (we + you) is the keyword for the new year!

PROXIMITY (even if only on-line)  – COURAGE – KNOW HOW – RESILIENCE

= Never give up!



Do you need more information ?  >>> Please contact our team sales.department@miretti.com