First at all, thanks to all Miretti’s customers for once again believing in the reliability of the Miretti Group Atex Explosion Proof Protections, Systems and Services.

2022’…. an year spent together with our customers for the safety in hazardous areas!

It has been a very business year for all Miretti plants around the world.

We are grateful and really proud when our customers want their machines/trucks/engines to be Atex Ex converted by Miretti Group because they are aware of the high technical quality know-how of all our Team.


>>>Miretti always works to ensure that the Explosion Proof conversions are “at the service” of the equipment!

The customization has reached an incredible level  in Miretti Group. Miretti Group has developed several EX-components totally customized; designed and developed internally the Group to control the overall supply chain and its quality. All those components, fully ATEX, NEC, IECEx certified. Chemical Industrial surface,Pharmaceutical, Mining, Tunneling, Oil&Gas, Avionics, and Military. Different applications for a single supplier. The complexity of the Explosion proof needs a certain level of expertise matching with the latest technology available on the market.


The conversion is a meticulous procedure, often involving the almost total dismantling of the unit in order to provide solutions to allow them to operate in hazardous areas. Explosion-Proofing is often a forced choice.  It is important to keep the customer informed and educate him about the Explosion-Proof product, which is not always so well known. We’re flexible in response to the market demands. Thanks to our technical office, we can also offer 100% customized solutions with <ad hoc> designs allowing us to gain insight about any eventual problems that might arise, however complex, such as spaces or structural limits.


>>> When Safety is not more an option. The Solution is R&D!

In Miretti, the focus on Research and Development is a key requirement. Regulations are more and more restrictive. Many solutions have been developed in these recent years: New more compact and ergonomic Plugs-Sockets; Protections for Zone 2 “passive” and “active” with the addition – on request – of the DetEx Gas Detector; Gas Checker Monitoring System for additional safety in non-classified areas and / or for locations close by to Hazardous Areas; Particulate filters with CoatEx (thermal barrier); Compact Heat Exchangers FilterEx Cooler; Ecological Anti-Pollution Kits for off-road vehicles (reducing exhaust pollutions). Also Miretti can safely explosion proof trucks  with lithium iron-phosphate batteries and LPG trucks as well as hybrid machines. Results still unique in the world up to date.


>>>Look at inside the Miretti’s factory. This is an example of Reliability!

A lot of machines and different type of trucks and special vehicles are in the Miretti’s factory for the explosion proof conversion. Miretti Group  has a wide variety of products in our workshop that will be modified to comply to the flameproof ATEX regulation.

In addition to the historical brands of trucks of which Miretti is an approved ATEX supplier eg. Still, Toyota MH, BYD, Hyster and Yale, Jungheinrich in Miretti’s plants the employees work on trucks from numerous other brands such as Clark, Linde, Manitou, Caterpillar, Doosan, Mitsubishi, Crown, UniCarriers, Heli, Hyundai, Carer, Ulma, BT . The above is also supplemented with several ATEX earthmoving machines (of different brands including Atlas Copco, Hitachi, Volvo, Liebherr, Caterpillar) that, once Ex converted, are destined for the large construction sites and the so called Government’s Strategic Infrastructures.


>>>Miretti serves our customers with our expanded service team!

Miretti Group can support customers globally thanks its production facilities, workshops, sales offices all over the world. The Miretti branches offer prompt parts supply, parts conversions, training and  technical support even on site if required. The cooperation doesn’t end with the integration of the explosion proof system into the forklift truck, vehicle or equipment. The collaboration goes on.

The many commercial and production plants and workshops facilitate Miretti’s work in proposing solutions in line with directives local and in the 360 ° knowledge of the rules of explosion proof protection field. Miretti is well known as a competent worldwide reference, the Group has skills and know-how to direct its customers to targeted and customized choices: from design, to conversion, to after-sales service, to Atex training sessions


>>>Miretti Group is always “on the road” in order to support customers everywhere!

The Miretti Team guarantees assistance for Atex explosion proof vehicles and equipment | provides on site support to all customers when required | makes the annual audit on site | makes training session | and help customers move forward safely and efficiently.

The Miretti after-sales service team provide full technical support and ensures fast response times, dedicated assistance, telephone and on-site support and the availability of specific spare parts for more than ten years to help maintain constant productivity for customers.

>>>Green Environment and Fumes Abatement!

Miretti Group is boasts an impressive expertise also in the Emission Control Systems and Fumes Purification Devices. The need to have effective and reliable solutions for the control and reduction of toxic-harmful pollutants emission into the atmosphere from various sources is becoming more and more essential for the environment protection. The climate changes, the new green approach is generating a wide scale of opportunities and our experience, since 1973 can boost our business in our country and abroad thanks to our branches and production sites.

Miretti can provide Systems for the control and reduction of toxic-harmful pollutants emission into the atmosphere: SCR DeNOx Systems | DOC Oxidative Catalysts  | Innovative Ecological Diesel Particulate Filter  | New Compact Systems “ALL -IN-ONE”. Customized projects!


>>> Reliability in Explosion Protections “means” Certifications and Patents too!

Thanks to production facilities based in Italy, Usa, China and Singapore, Miretti’s products are manufactured, designed and certified in compliace with NEC, FM, IECEx, CNEx, ATEX, EAC Ex standard and regulations. Not only Atex!

Thanks to internal Certification Department, Miretti can communicate quickly with all the notified bodies and laboratories globally.

Expertise for 50 years | Quality & Innovation | Competitive Pricing| Certifications & Testing| After Sales Service | Training & Product Education | Research & Development | Reliable Customized Solutions | Global Footprint


>>>Atex Rental Trucks are available!

For any need for some short therm flameproof ATEX vehicles.

Miretti provides explosion proof forklifts  for short term rental. Contact our factory for more information!


>>> Not only in the factory and “on the road”. Miretti is protagonist in International Exhibitions too!

These international shows are important appointment in which visitors can meet our team, speek directly with Miretti managers and know our Innovative Systems.

During these events, Miretti Group can reiterate in the Atex market its worldwide leadership position regarding the Explosion Proof Protections of industrial equipment (engines, mobile vehicles, special machines etc…) and in the Emission Control Systems Field.

Thanks so much to all of you!

Thanks to our customers…

Thanks to our employees…

Thanks to our suppliers…

Stay Tuned with Miretti’s world!!!!