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“… Years by years, Miretti Group has demonstrated to play the role of the perfect partner (preferred supplier) for all big OEMs that want to offer a turnkey solution, reliable and perfectly integrated to all their final users…”

Which are the most futuristic products / solutions from your portfolio?

There is no specific product that characterizes Miretti Group and that can explain its history. Surely in the field of anti-explosions, the evolution of the basic product has led Miretti to rethink the protection of electric vehicles, to new technological solutions. Customers are much more demanding, machinery are much more complicated, technologically speaking more complex and sophisticated.

One of the most challenging targets that Miretti reached out has been the protection of the Lithium cells battery for hazardous area. This solution is one of the most important technologies that is driving the change towards a more efficient and safe ecological transition. Years by years, Miretti Group has demonstrated to play the role of the perfect partner (preferred supplier) for all big OEMs that want to offer a turnkey solution, reliable and perfectly integrated to all their final users.

What are the characteristics of these products / solutions?

The level of customization has reached an incredible level here in Miretti Group. This has been possible thanks to a fruitful and smart Co-design activities with our international OEMs, after sales and consultancy support, investments in R&D and certification. The result of all this is for all single part of our conversion, safe, extremely compact, easy to install.

In general, aside the latest EX Lithium battery solutions, Miretti Group has developed several EX-components totally customized; designed and developed internally the Group to control the overall supply chain and its quality.

All those components, fully ATEX, NEC, IECEx certified. All Miretti’s certifications and patents

Explosion-Proofing is often a forced choice. It is, in fact, the legislation that requires you to follow certain standards of protection. It is important to keep the customer informed and educate him about the Explosion-Proof product, which is not always so well known. We’re flexible in response to the market demands. Thanks to our technical office, we can also offer 100% customized solutions with <ad hoc> designs allowing us to gain insight about any eventual problems that might arise, however complex, such as spaces or structural limits. Miretti works to ensure that the Explosion Proof conversions are “at the service” of the equipment on which they are mounted. The conversion is a meticulous procedure, often involving the almost total dismantling of the unit in order to provide solutions to allow them to operate in hazardous areas. Miretti’s Case History:

Tell us about the company’s long-term goals / prospects?

Miretti Group is aiming to enforce its own positioning in the marketplace becoming the reference point for all big players for the Explosion proof. Chemical Industrial surface, mining, tunneling, O&G, avionics, and military. Different applications for a single supplier. Safety is not more an option and regulations are more and more restrictive and severe; the complexity of the Explosion proof needs a certain level of expertise matching with the latest technology available on the market.

Miretti Group is committed to growth also in the Emission Control Systems. The climate changes, the new green approach is generating a wide scale of opportunities and our experience, since 1973 can boost our business in our country and abroad thanks to our branches and production sites. However, Miretti Group always one step ahead.


Tell us about product innovation and how does it impact the future?

The product innovation will make life easier and safer respect to the past. The market development and consequently, the product development, is forcing Miretti Group to change continuously the method of protection – and this represents the biggest challenge for the Group. The scenario, in the future, will change drastically getting benefits from this extra effort.

Not an easy job for the Group. Sometime, the machinery is so advanced that is not possible to carry out a conversion according to a specific hazardous area. In this case, the focus change and the challenge is to find a shortcut or an equivalent solution, always in line with the Customer’s needs and the classification of the area.

How will product innovation help the customers?

Innovation brings to the final user a better product, reliable and flexible. This help the daily operations increasing the productivity and the profitability. A better competitiveness in the global marketplace increasing the safety level.



How do employees shape your company’s future orientation?

Miretti Group is a company founded by people. A perfect mix of values, expertise and creativity. This is our strength and priceless advantage. The Group welcome today the third generation of enthusiastic person. They are totally different from the last. More clever, social, multi tasking and multi cultural. They are modelling our business following the new era and we are expecting just benefits.

How does the digital transformation affect your products / business?

As we are facing with the new generation of people, we are in front of the new digitalization era. This is the direct consequence of this global changes where Miretti Group is nowadays leading the EX market. Digitalization means the capacity to catch the latest needs of our big end users and OEMs globally. This will give us a great advantages in terms of safety and after sales. The traceability is fundamental today. This can be reach only using sophisticated devices that have to be converted

Tell us about research and development in your company.

Miretti Group is facing, every day new challenges represented by new type of machinery, devices that must respect new regulations, perform in a better way, reducing cost and increase margins. The progress is pushing OEMs very hard to design new compact solutions that force a new approach to the protection. A specialized R&D team is working daily to sort out a different protection that has to be certified again by third body or certified labs after rigid cycle test.

How do you overcome the new challenges and this more competitive environment?

Because of these new challenges, the mission is to anticipate EX solutions that will match the future needs. The EX LiOn solution is a typical successful example of anticipation of a popular technology that is driving the changes in the industrial sector.

Companies are invited to visit the Miretti headquarters in Limbiate -MB/Milan – to see the large production department and the many Atex explosion proof conversion in progress. In the meantime for an insight into our explosion protection technology and to take a first look inside our Milan factory please view the Miretti Corporate video on link and for further information please log on to our website at

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