From today an even more reliable partner in reducing emissions. 

Distribution agreement signed between Miretti and MIRATECH. The accord sees the Miretti Group as the only official distributor in Italy of MIRATECH products. MIRATECH is an American company that produces systems to reduce exhaust emissions into the atmosphere. The agreement is the result of the will of both companies to work together to guarantee increasingly high-performance products, which are able to meet ever-increasing quality standards. All this with the final goal of further improving our customers’ supply experience.

In fact, pollutant emissions represent a serious problem both for the environment’s health and for people’s well-being. The highly topical issue is in the middle of many debates by public opinion and the inspection bodies. Thanks to the technological progress of abatement systems, today it is possible to contribute to reduce the inherent risks. However, it is important to rely on a partner that has the specific knowhow and the appropriate technical skills thanks to which it is possible to follow the customer in choosing the best solution for the specific need.

Precisely in response of the needs of its clients, in the last few years Miretti has included in its range of products also the SCR DeNOx systems for NOx reduction. The Group has decided to update the offered service, in order to improve the technological process implemented. Therefore, it chose as a partner a leading company in the sector that boasts a great international technical experience. In the light of the signed agreement, Miretti becomes a MIRATECH distributor for DeNOx SCR Systems. The collaboration between these two companies has already been active for some years: in fact, MIRATECH always provided catalysts to Miretti. Mutually satisfied with this first step of collaboration, the two companies decided to strengthen the agreement by extending the distribution also to SCR DeNOx systems for cogeneration market.

 “MIRATECH is thrilled to partner with Miretti Group in Italy, who has dedicated over 45 years to environmental and work safety solutions and is a very well-known and recognized player within the explosion protection systems among the major OEMs,” says MIRATECH CEO David Zenthoefer. “Our joint offerings and capacities will serve customers in EU and beyond at ease.”

In Miretti, the attention to research is a key element to guarantee high quality standards. “Even in times of general economic crisis – says Angelo Miretti, head of the company along with his sister Simona – we have never stopped investing in new R&D technologies and international agreements as we believe that innovation is decisive. In this background, the after-sales step also plays a key role for the company’s reliability and success. In fact, the support to our customer does not end with the supply of the system but continues afterwards. We work actually to guarantee to the client that tranquillity arising from the security of being followed – in case of need – also post supply.


Miretti & MIRATECH Agreement published on “GAS COMPRESSION” magazine, December 2019