Systems for the Control and Reduction of Toxic-Harmful Pollutants Emission into the atmosphere.

From 1973… over 50 years with the mission of “Green Environment and Safety”.  This is the Miretti’s Green World for a more sustainable future.

Thank you to all visitors for meeting us at Ecomondo KeyEnergy 2023 (Rimini, 7-10 November)

Miretti Group has been protagonist at Ecomondo International Show with all its Systems for the control and reduction of toxic-harmful pollutants emission into the atmosphere SCR DeNOx Systems | DOC Oxidative Catalysts  | Innovative Ecological Diesel Particulate Filter  | New Compact Systems “ALL -IN-ONE”


The need to have effective and reliable solutions for the control and reduction of toxic-harmful pollutants emission into the atmosphere from various sources is becoming more and more essential for the environment protection. Regardless of what source these toxic-harmful pollutants come from (transport, agriculture, farming, heating, cogeneration, other) this need brings to the adoption of increasingly restrictive measures that will have to be implemented by 2030 and 2050. Among the pollutants that will be subjected to strict regulation there are above all NOx, CO, PM, NMVOC, CO2, CH4, N2O, CH2O.

Miretti is an Italian company with a global footprint and many plants around the world, that has been designing and supplying systems for the abatement of polluting emissions since 1973. By placing itself effectively at the service of many customers in different fields of application, Miretti has been able to achieve a know-how in all these years that allows it to effectively meet important objectives with consolidated systems and / or configurable “ad hoc” for each specific need.


SCR DeNOx Systems  for NOx e N2O reduction (Efficiency > 95%)

Miretti, thanks to its specialized Technical Department inside the Company itself, its Quality Control Department and its International Network, can provide and carry out sizing on customized projects all over the world.


Innovative New Compact Systems “All-In -One (DeNOx + DOC + DPF)

Application 1MW diesel/gas engine. Customized layout: vertical and horizontal.

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Oxidative Catalysts (DOC or OXI) for CO, NMVOC, CH4, CH2O reduction (Efficiency > 98%)

Miretti’s Catalysts are available for several engine powers from 2kw to 4,300 kw and they are sized according to customer specifications to ensure the best performance.


Innovative Ecological Diesel Particulate Filters (commonly DPF) for PM reduction (Efficiency > 99%)

Using the Miretti’s Kit it is possible to retrain Euro 1/2/3/4 Off-Road machines with an interesting “upgrade” in terms of reducing polluting emissions allowing these vehicles to continue working



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