Miretti Group at the forefront of New Technologies in Explosion Proof Protection with over 1000 units Ex annually

Miretti Group have been present with a stand at OTC 2018 (Houston, Texas – 30/4-3/5)

A lot of managers have visited Miretti’s stand. Our Group again reiterated in the OIL&GAS market, as already done during the last edition of the Show, its worldwide leadership position in the Explosion Proof Protections of engines (electrical and diesel) and also of any type of vehicles (forklifts, vehicles for Mines/tunnels etc…) with over 1000 units Ex protected annually.

For more details on Miretti Ex Solutions for each type of engine (with certifications valid worldwide), you can see our brochure Engine Explosion Protection Systems Zone 2 (ATEX) Kits – Class I Div. 1-2 (US) – TIER 4 Engines & FilterEx Systems


The visitors who was coming at Miretti’s stand could see an example of explosion proof protected engine thanks by Miretti’s Ex Solutions for hazardous areas. Miretti’s products are certified according to ATEX, IECEx, CNEx, NEC.

During this important international event, Miretti have presented their last solution: FilterEx System. 

A catalytic self-cleaning exhaust flame traps which enables your engine to run safely for up 1.000 hours The patented Miretti FilterEX system, certified ATEX 2014/34/EU, IECEx, NEC 500, enables Zone 2 diesel engine equipment to operate for up to 1,000 hours before the exhaust flame trap(s) are checked and eventually cleaned. Extending operating time from 20 hours to up to 1,000 hours – by not having to service the exhaust flame traps – can have a dramatic impact on the cost of operating equipment.

The System is available for different types of engines: < 110 kw; 60-120 kw; 121-250 kw; 251-500 kw; > 500 kw.

The appointment is at OTC 2018 – NRG Center – stand 3450

At this link https://bit.ly/2uIAesB see the on-line Miretti’s page on OTC web site 

Miretti Group can convert marine engines and industrial engines too with dry exhaust manifold and turbochanger to meet ATEX temperature class requirements.


Explosion Proof Protections Miretti Kit for Engine with:

  • Miretti FilterEx,
  • Shut Down Valve,
  • Inlet Flame Arrestor,
  • Manifold and Turbine with Miretti patended CoatEx,
  • Alternator, Starter Motor,
  • Crankcase Breather Flame Arrestor

For more informations, sales.department@miretti.com or our on-line page