Special Interview with Matteo Stefanini, Sales Director.

We have been present with a stand at LOGIMAT SHOW 2022 (Stuttgart | Germany)

Thanks to our commercial and service branches based in Germany, Belgium, France, UK, Miretti Group can support quickly and easily all customers for every explosion proof protection needs across Europe.
Safety in Hazardous Areas is always our priority.



We are very happy to have been exhibiting at this show dedicated to the material handling solutions and services.  A lot of managers have visited Miretti’s stand.

Our Group again reiterated in the material handling and mobile vehicles market, as already done during the last edition of the Show, its worldwide leadership position in the Explosion Proof Protections of mobile vehicles (electric, diesel, hybrid, LPG powered trucks, trucks with lithium battery and vehicles for mines&tunnesl) with over 1.000 units Ex protected annually.

For the Material Handling market Miretti Group can provide Explosion Proof Solutions and Services  certified according to ATEX, FM, NEC, IECEx, CNEx, EAC Ex.  for the safety of the employees and the enviromental

Thanks to our German Branch based in Viersen – Germany, Miretti Germany Deutschland GmbH can support quickly and easily all customers across Germany, Austria, German-speaking Switzerland, Denmark and East Europe areas in every explosion proof protection needs for Safety in Hazardous Areas where there can be the risk of an explosion.

Read  below the interview with Matteo Stefanini, sales director, regarding the reasons why Miretti Team wanted to be present at this international show after the Covid stop.

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Miretti on the “stage” of LogiMAT 2022

Almost three years have passed since the last time the LogiMAT took place, with the return of the fair, the participation of Miretti also returned. In the 2022 edition there is plenty of space to present all its innovative products, from components to accessories.
LogiMAT 2022 has so much the flavor of a newfound normality, the big events that come back as well as the big exhibitors. Exactly like Miretti who in the most important European intralogistics event finds the opportunity to present new products and broaden their horizons.

At LogiMAT we met Matteo Stefanini, Commercial Director of Miretti, who defined the trade fair appointment as follows:

For us this fair is an important stage for presenting our innovative products. It is also a good opportunity to meet our customers again and to review our OEM Partners, dealers and end users. After almost three years we expected a lot of turnout at the fair, especially during the second and third days and so it was. We also had many appointments already organized, so expectations were met. “

Innovation, Overcoming obstacles and the desire to expand one’s borders. Could it be these three characteristics of Miretti?

Yes, we have tried to overcome the problems related to the delays of raw materials, with our internal productions. Here, at this fair we present highly innovative and internally made accessories and components. The Miretti Group is not only present in the European market but also has production in the United States and Asia. Our components are therefore certified not only Atex but also for the overseas market, this is a source of pride for us. We want to broaden our horizons more and more and this is an important step. Precisely to facilitate dialogue with our international customers and guarantee a quick and effective service, we have workshops and commercial offices located in Europe, Asia, the USA and the Middle East.

The theme of Sustainability, on the other hand, develops on two fronts: environmental and safety at work. How does Miretti move?

Regarding the safety at work, we have the know how to explosion proof protect products so that they are safe for the operator and for the company. In this sense, therefore, we follow the flows of the market and the paths that the big brands we work with take. But certainly we are also committed to environmental sustainability. We have recently renovated the Milan plant with solar panels, which are a great support from the point of view of energy saving. We have also moved towards a greater green approach by replacing some of the materials we use. Attention to Green has always been intrinsic to the Miretti business. In fact, our Group, in addition to explosion-proof transformations, also supplies systems to reduce exhaust emissions into the atmosphere. For Miretti, therefore, it is important to move towards these two areas to the fullest of their potential.


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