Miretti Group is there with all solutions for reducing exhaust pollutions and eliminating toxic emissions!

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  • SCR DeNOX for NOx reduction;
  • OXY Metallic Catalytic Converters for various powers/engines;
  • OXY Metallic Catalytic Converters for the reduction of CO and VOC;
  • OXY “CO” Special Substrates for Biogas;
  • Innovative Anti-Pollution Ecological and Combined Kits for off-road machines.



There are various Sectors in which these systems can be used: Powered Plants, Co-generation Plants, Landfills, Mines/Tunnels, Industrial Vehicles, Earth-Moving Machines and all these contexts in which the concentration of fumes can be significant and dangerous.

Everyone is aware of the debate on harmful emissions: the threshold values that determine the alarm levels. The pollutants’ emissions represent a serious problem both for the health of the environment and for the well-being of people….


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SCR DeNOx Systems customized and designed to remove  Nitrogen Oxides (NOx)

No intervention can be defined as a standard and it is also for this reason over the years Miretti wanted to invest in Research and Development by making use of a Technical Office (with both mechanical and electrical engineers) and a Quality Control department both within the company


OXY Metallic Catalytic Converters

Available for several engine powers from 2kw t0 4,300 kw. Miretti oxidative catalytic converters are fitted to purify exhaust gases of engine powered by methane gas (lean burn and rich burn) and diesel engines. They are available in a vast range of dimensions and are built according to customer needs, with or without flanges. Some types – according to specific customer needs – have removable drawers for quick inspection and maintenance. The catalytic converter is sized in relation to the engine data, the characteristics of the exhaust gases, and the maximum allowed back pressure.

Innovative Anti-Pollution Ecological Kit for off-road machines

With these kits it is possible to upgrade Euro 1, Euro 2, Euro 3 and Euro 4 off-road machines with an interesting “upgrade” in terms of reducing polluting emissions. The positive aspects can be different: first of all our health; secondly, advantages of an environmental, social and economic nature. The adoption of the Miretti anti-pollution ecological and combined kit can represent in some cases a quick, effective end economically sustainable solution to allow machines that are not necessarily new – such as Euro 1, Euro 2, Euro 3 and Euro 4 – to keep on working by making them at the same time re-enter Stage 3 A as far as emissions is concerned. For more information, read also https://miretti.com/portfolio/anti-particulate-ecological-device-for-off-road-vehicles-innovative-solution/