50 years of activity. It is a goal that turns into a starting point for the future

Special Interview with Matteo Stefanini, Global Sales Director.

We have been present with a stand at LOGIMAT SHOW 2023 (Stuttgart | Germany)

Thanks to our commercial and service branches based in Germany, Belgium, France, UK, Miretti Group can support quickly and easily all customers for every explosion proof protection needs across Europe.
Safety in Hazardous Areas is always our priority.



We are very happy to have been exhibiting at this show dedicated to the material handling solutions and services.  A lot of managers have visited Miretti’s stand.

Read below the interview with Matteo Stefanini, Global Sales & Marketing Director, regarding the reasons why Miretti Team wanted to be present again at this international show

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Miretti on the “stage” of LogiMAT 2023.

50 years and not hearing them. In this interview, Matteo Stefanini, Commercial Director of the Miretti Group, talks about the company participation at the LogiMAT 2023 fair, where the company presented its experience in the Ex conversions of equipment, engines and industrial vehicles for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, as well as in reduction of harmful emissions. Stefanini underlines the importance of direct meetings with customers and the challenge of keeping up with the growing complexity and electronic sophistication of machines. He also talks about the company’s upcoming projects, including partnerships with other manufacturers, new product launches and participation in other trade shows. Furthermore, Stefanini offers an insight into the Explosion Proof market, which is not subject to the same trends as standard equipment, and shares his thoughts on the impact of supply chain disruptions on their business.

Mr Stefanini, did you bring any news to LogiMAT 2023?

We brought our experience. Most of these exhibitors have known us and for years have entrusted us with their products for the necessary Atex conversions. This is an event that allows us to see them all again. Today it’s difficult to travel, meeting with Teams/Google support are formed, the way of doing business has changed and these occasions are important for reconnecting and talking about the future. Miretti works every day to improve explosion proof conversions. Our customers, or rather our customers’ customers, want machines that have been explosion proof converted and which, at the same time, maintain their original performance and ergonomics. We are moving towards a more extreme integration of Atex protection methods, this requires us to review the canons and transformation methods of these machines to try to make them as close as possible to the requests of our customers. There is a lot of engineering work because the machines are becoming more and more complicated and electronic, more and more sophisticated and compact. Meeting with our OEMS (Original Equipment Manufacturers) is important because we have the technical support we need, progress goes on and we like to distinguish ourselves in seeking new, highly technological solutions, always <at the service> of our customers’ machines and certified of course. We are also at this fair to remind that Miretti – in addition to Atex – offers solutions for fume abatement and emission reduction. Often, in fact, the internal combustion machines, which we have Atex converted, are fitted with black fume abatement systems. Theme – this of the Green – extremely topical together with that of Security”.

How is the fair going for Miretti team?

For us it is always a pleasure to come here, we organize many meetings directly and define the contracts, we are happy and it is going well

What are the future prospects instead?

We are concluding some agreements with important companies/group, always with a view to developing solutions with OEMs, which is fundamental for us. We will participate in other fairs that involve us and this year we celebrate 50 years of activity. It is a goal that turns into a starting point, it is a great challenge to always be on the crest of the wave and we wanted to take the opportunity to remember this anniversary with our customers and OEM partners: it will be an intense autumn. Despite our long experience in the field of Atex and fume abatement which started in 1973, we are young and this allows us to launch innovative products, we still have a lot to do. The whole group feels it, that’s the important thing.”

Can you offer a general comment on the market?

In Atex we operate in a market that does not exactly follow the trend of trucks, scissor lifts or standard equipment. As far as we are concerned, it is going very well (many projects in progress and those to be developed in the coming months), the only sore point is the delays of the manufacturers in managing the issue of material procurement and therefore the completion of the machine. We are the last link in the chain, perhaps the most important since we issue the certification of the vehicle transformed in an explosion-proof way. We are in this supply chain and we have to manage slowdowns. Faced with the problems, we have found alternative solutions, we have no supply problems and we are covered. We are just waiting for everything to develop and follow the new course. We are adjusting. Our solid production setup, our know-how and our international presence allow us to deal without problems with other businesses besides that of the mobile vehicles market. We have Oil & Gas and the Mines-Tunnes Environment and variuos special projects for major Strategic Works both in Italy and around the world.”


Fonte: TCM Magazine/Tuttocarrellielevatori.it  https://blog.tuttocarrellielevatori.it/53588/miretti-consolida-la-proposta-di-soluzioni-antideflagranti-a-logimat-2023/

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Our Group again reiterated in the material handling and mobile vehicles market, as already done during the last edition of the Show, its worldwide leadership position in the Explosion Proof Protections of mobile vehicles (electric, diesel, hybrid, LPG powered trucks, trucks with lithium battery and vehicles for mines&tunnesl) with over 1.500 units Ex protected annually.

For the Material Handling market Miretti Group can provide Explosion Proof Solutions and Services  certified according to ATEX, FM, IECEx, CNEx, UKCA.  for the safety of the employees and the enviromental

Thanks to our German Branch based in Viersen – Germany, Miretti Germany Deutschland GmbH can support quickly and easily all customers across Germany, Austria, German-speaking Switzerland, Denmark and East Europe areas in every explosion proof protection needs for Safety in Hazardous Areas where there can be the risk of an explosion.


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