Miretti’s management is pleased to inform clients and suppliers that Miretti Group have become a member of ANIMA AISEM .

AISEM is the most important Italian Association of lifting and handling systems. Aisem is part of ANIMA >>> more details https://www.anima.it/associazioni/elenco/aisem/

ANIMA is the Federation inside the Confindustria System which represents the most important mechanical engineering companies >>> more datails https://www.anima.it/chi-siamo/ 


Miretti management and Miretti technical and certification departments attended the last Committee “Comitato Aisem sui Carrelli elevatori” regarding the Rules for Forklifts/Trucks market (last 22th July / on-line meeting) .

During this meeting the working Group have discussed about the rules and regulations for the forklifts market. The purpose of the Committee was devoted also to the iusse of the Annual Atex Safety Audit Program: the point is the need to clarify this item to the whole truck market (manufacturers, dealers, end users, etc…) because there are still many doubts, confusion and unclear elements. The Annual Atex Safety Audits are mandatory (every 12th months). However many end users/dealers etc… don’t know exactly what steps need to be taken and how to move.

If you need more information about Safety Audit Program  (every 12 months) for Atex vehicles , please read the on-line section https://miretti.com/support/periodic-safety-audits/  or contact our team sales.department@miretti.com