The new Miretti plugs and sockets are an innovative, highly engineered and simple to use solution 

In this article we’ll be talking about when Research & Development is committed to meeting and satisfying the needs of its Customers. An example of this would be the recently developed new Atex plugs and sockets, put on the market by Miretti Group and intended for trucks and handling vehicles operating in hazardous areas.

The article with all detailed information about this new system has been published 16th September on the magazine and on the Italian on-line magazine


We would begin with a question “Why would a forklift truck manufacturer or end user set aside the plugs they have always used and opt for this new product?”

The new Miretti plugs and sockets are an innovative, highly engineered and simple to use solution with three decisive advantages

  • Compactness and Ergonomics
  • Easy to use
  • High Quality

The new plugs and sockets can be used in both Category 2 (Atex Zone 1 and 21) and in Category 3 (Atex Zone 2 and 22). They are also suitable for use in applications connected to mines / subsoil (M2) meaning a wide range of use can be confirmed for this new product.

Still rx60-25 Miretti

Those who are worried about dimensions and poor ergonomics of the traditional plugs will certainly be satisfied with this solution devised by Miretti which proves to be a lot less invasive as well as highly performing. In fact, the new plugs and sockets are extremely compact systems. Therefore, they can be easily mounted even on trucks and on machines where spaces are extremely limited.

The new system is easy to use for the operator who, through a simple and unique operation, can simultaneously disconnect both the positive and negative poles in a simple and quick way, avoiding complex and complicated extraction operations, which is what happens with current battery connectors.


In addition to those features, the new plugs and sockets boast a great quality execution with the use of sturdy, durable but at the same time light materials since the anodized aluminum alloy for Category 2/3 and brass for Group I M2 have been used.

The implementation of a one-way locking device, the bipolar instead of unipolar connector, the extraction handle instead of the rotary release are pluses designed for the user. The chosen material also increases resistance to corrosion and wear.


Once again, Miretti Group has fully taken on the role of a pioneer-experimenter company, positively accepting the challenge relating to the improvement of a device already in use and devising a solution that represents an upgrade and an innovation for the market.

New Atex plugs and sockets are the result of a development lasting two years and conducted by the entire Miretti team, under the guidance of the Certification and the Technical Departments, both within the company. The main objective that guided this investment in technologies was the need to offer a better and more advantageous product for customers and that could better respond to all the needs of the sector. Modern day forklifts are becoming increasingly compact with reduced space and smaller battery compartments. Space is often a difficult variable to manage during conversion. The possibility of managing limited spaces is therefore an important aspect to consider when evaluating Miretti’s new plugs and sockets.

The placing on the market of these new plugs and sockets is extremely recent and was achieved after the certification process by successfully carrying out all the tests required by the standards EN 60079-0, EN 60079-1 and EN 60079-31. Miretti also performed a series of internal endurance tests to ensure, in addition to ATEX safety, an excellent performance in order to fully satisfy customers. For this step, the collaboration with a sample of clients who verified the quality of the project was also important, giving Miretti engineers useful ideas to align it with the concrete needs of the market. Once again, the Miretti development work, conceived for the customer, was carried out with the customer in order to reach an ultimate explosion-proof, safe and performing solution that, at the same time, adapts to the specific world of trucks and material handling.

Another advantage is connected to the Atex Zone of use, as this new plug and socket can also be used for the Atex Zone 2/22 as well as for Zone 1/21 and for areas connected to the subsoil / mines (M2). Therefore, also in Zone 2/22 Atex there will be the possibility of benefiting from the advantages of these new plugs which will certainly further improve the quality of Miretti explosion-proof conversions.


The improvement and efficiency impact of these new plugs will also be significant on the same batteries converted by Miretti for Zone 2/22. And Miretti does this by respecting all the Essential Health and Safety requirements provided for by the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU and ensuring the absence of ignition sources and, consequently the compliance of the batteries for the 3GD category.

The ethical values, which are the basis of Miretti’s history, constantly guide the work of the whole team, always putting the safety of customers and end users first in every activity of the Group: from design, to production, to after-sales service up to education and training on the use of the Atex product.

Miretti and its International Network’s extreme operational flexibility via the various branches situated all over the world, are the added levers that allow the Group to offer explosion-proof solutions that are both innovative and always compliant with the most stringent international regulations, including North American ones.

As far as explosion-proof equipment is concerned, there can be no compromises on the strict controls carried out by Miretti with extreme meticulousness and always in compliance with the health and safety essentials required by the ATEX Directive and by the reference requirements of which the Group has a high level of technical knowledge.

All this is possible following the work carried out in close contact with all the main OEM manufacturers. The Italian company – renowned as being the reference for explosion-proof protections in the world – is, in fact, always the leading voice with regard to explosion-proof protections during the numerous international working groups promoted by the Notified Bodies precisely to discuss the continuous evolution of the legislation on the subject security and on related protection methods to be adopted.

Stay Tuned with Miretti’s EX world!