Dispite the Covid-19 restrictions Miretti Group can provide non-stop support worldwide.

We can support your company globally and in safety for Atex explosion proof equipment (industrial vehicles, engines, trucks, special projects, spare parts, etc…) which have any problems and work in material handling offshore , oil & gas, mines and tunnels sectors and many other application fields… 

“WE + YOU” =




We understand that an explosion proof truck that works in a pharmaceutical company, a diesel engine that works on a offshore platform, a heavy vehicle that works in mines and tunnels can not stop and can not have any downtime. We are here to support your explosion proof needs!

Despite 2021 started with many restrictions due to the Covid-19 virus, Miretti Group has remained and remains totally operative. The Miretti after-sales service, present in most countries, ensures fast response times, dedicated assistance, telephone and on-site support and the availability of specific spare parts for more than ten years to help maintain constant productivity for customers.

Miretti chose to operate an even greater sense of responsibility to continue to be a reliable partner in explosion-proof protections and fumes purification devices, in order to be beside its customers. We are suppliers of explosion-proof protections for Companies that continued to be active like pharmaceutical, chemical companies, health sector, plastic processing companies, food and beverage sector, etc. … all companies that have been considered essential and strategic. This is one of the reasons why we felt obliged to continue working in the best possible way, always respecting the new limits imposed for the safety of our employees, customers and suppliers– declares Angelo Miretti, CEO of the Group with his sister Simona.


Maintenance interventions are carried out by skilled personnel, authorised and trained for the purpose in our head offices.

The Miretti After-Sales Service and the availability of local technical support through training courses for service engineers (carried out at the Milan HQ or locally when available) will support the client step by step in ensuring continuous uptime and protection of their environment.

Annual and/or three yearly Safety Audits for the Ex protection system are available on request.



Do you need more information ?  >>> Please contact our team sales.department@miretti.com