The book written by Miretti to commemorate its 50 years in the Explosion Proof and Environment Protection Technology

This book is for to all those who, from 1973 to today, have contributed to building Miretti. Thank you to those who, with their daily dedication, enable our Group to be a leader in Explosion Protection and Smoke Abatement.



Miretti is innovation and craftsmanship. Miretti is cutting-edge solutions. Miretti is also, and above all, “human capital.”

We dedicate this volume to all our staff, suppliers, and customers with pride, respect, and gratitude, thanking them for sharing this long journey with us and certain we will face new exciting challenges together.  Thank you!

The book named “Our story, our future” tells the Miretti’s story, its international expansion and the strategic assets underlying its operations. Also the book allows you to take an interesting “narrative journey” through the history of explosion-proofing in Italy and around the world.

Enjoy the Reading!!!


“…Corporate social responsibility is and will always be a key to navigating safely in both well-charted and less-travelled waters. Running a business is challenging, but not impossible. It’s a challenge. Another challenge. Pier Carlo Miretti and Maria Carmela Marelli taught us this. As tireless captains, they steered their company – which was also their family – into the future, confident that time would prove them right. They knew what they wanted to achieve, and they achieved it. Today, after 50 years of Miretti, which they founded, we can say that yes, theirs was a success.…”

Never Stop Evolving


“…When the two siblings, Angelo and Simona, take the helm they choose to follow the course set by their parents. With the same dedication, the same respect, and the same forward-looking perspective, they lead the company’s advancement in the world.

Fifty years ago, their parents had already caught a glimpse of what would become the global market for safety and environmental protection. Events have proven them right. All the “human capital” within Miretti contributed to bringing this about, to reach this significant milestone, which represents a new starting point today. This was achieved with determination, foresight, entrepreneurship, long-term vision, tenacity, and positivity – all values transferred by Pier Carlo Miretti and Maria Carmela Marelli’s example and actions....”

For those interested, the volume is available by reservation at the Miretti Group headquarters (Limbiate – MB- Italy)

Texts and Images are under Miretti's copyright.