The most advanced Miretti Systems for Reducing Exhaust Emissions for off road vehicles.

“Smart” Solutions for Environmental and Social Sustainability. A now possible combination plus added value for citizens and consumers. Advantages and benefits for the community.

“Intelligent Systems” for Reducing Exhaust Pollutions. These kits combine Oxidation Catalyzer  with an Accelerator (see the technical layout). They can be fitted on off road machines and also on Atex explosion proof vehicles which work in hazardous locations.

Miretti Ecological Anti-Particulate Kit can represent a quick, effective and economically sustainable solution to allow machines not necessarily new – such as the Euro 1, Euro 2, Euro 3 and Euro 4 – to continue working by being simultaneously in compliace with Stage 3 A for emissions. Thanks to these devices the machines perform a “green upgrade” in terms of reducing pollutants.

These systems have also been fitted, with very good results, on Euro 1 and Euro 2  Atex Explosion proof protected vechiles for hazardous areas.

Application fields: Large construction sites; Government’s strategic infrastructures; Mineas and Tunnel environments

Earthmoving machines, vehicles operating on construction sites and in mines and tunnels environments are and will increasingly be affected by legislation relating to the reduction of polluting emissions into the atmosphere. These machines  must operate by reducing harmful emissions to comply with the laws in force in the various countries.

To be in compliace with the limits, a solution will surely be to replace the machines with new Euro 5 or 6 vehicles. However, in cases where the replacement of the entire fleet with new vehicles is not economically viable, it is possible to rely on “intelligent systems”. These systems allow the machines to continue working while simultaneously reducing emissions. In fact, these systems allow the machine to perform a “green upgrade” in terms of reducing pollutants.



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