The collaboration between BYD and Miretti Group continues…. The Explosion Proof Protection of Trucks with Lithium Battery is a Innovative Project.

The firts project worldwide of ATEX Ex Trucks with lithium battery. This project is the result of the side-by-side work between BYD and Miretti Group.

So the Atex explosion-proof conversion of a forklift truck powered by a lithium iron-phosphate battery is now a reality

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Since the introduction of lithium cells, the Miretti team has been engaged in an engineering and technical research dedicated to the Atex conversion of lithium run vehicles. The main aim was and still is to develop a certified and ergonomic “explosion-proof” protection package for machines with a lithium iron-phosphate battery that allows safe operation in hazardous areas and which, at the same time, meets the specific characteristics of this particular power source.

The solutions adopted guarantee a safety of the battery thus avoiding any risk of developing a “thermal runaway” thanks to compliance with Safety UL1642 and UL2580 Standards. The test sequence includes strict (electrical-mechanical-environmental) tests with cogent accepting criteria and includes the simulation of battery and control system failures. These results are the basis for ensuring full compliance to Category 2GD.

The experience gained in this specific field allows Miretti Group to assert that explosion-proof conversion on forklifts with lithium iron-phosphate batteries is feasible and safe. The positivity towards this issue is also based on work experience conducted specifically on the type of cells and BMS used which become a discriminating factor.


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Miretti is approved supplier for BYD lithium battery trucks. In the 2018s, BYD and Miretti Group started a mutual collaboration which has produced worldwide the first explosion proof truck with a lithium battery presented to the Atex market of material handling (the first Atex truck powered by lithium battery was displaied during Cemat Show  2018 ed.).

The Atex conversion of a BYD fleet trucks powered by lithium battery has been recently carried out in the head quarter of Miretti Group in compliance with Atex Zone 2 Cat 3G requirements.

The BYD trucks explosion proof protected is certified according to ATEX 2014/34/EU and European Standard EN 1755:2015 for operation in areas classified as Zones 1 and 2 and Zones 21 and 22.

Other examples of BYD trucks which have been Atex explosion proof converted successfully:

  • THE BYD ECB16B Ex protected for Atex Zone 2 IIB T3
  • THE BYD ECB27C Ex protected for Atex Zone 22 IIB T 200°.

You can see below some photos of one of the last Ex BYD trucks recently converted by the Group.


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The first ATEX Truck with Lithium Battery: the collaboration between BYD and Miretti to reach “Innovation” for clients

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