Thanks to all brands which have been engaged in this important and international project for Diesel Engine Explosion Proof Protections for Atex Zone 2/Hazardous Areas.

Diesel engines, working in potentially flammable atmospheres, can be an explosive mix that places workers and businesses at serious risk and could result in untold damage to the environment. History has taught us the lesson that such risks are very real and the impact is often catastrophic.

Miretti’s priority is to protect people and the environment by providing safe, affordable and internationally compliant explosion protection systems; a requirement which cannot be compromised.

Cummins KTA19M4 gas turbine starting diesel for Atex zone 2 made by DEUTZ Italy and Miretti

Thanks to Mr Matteo Monzani, power engine support at Deuzt Italy, for the quote on Linkedin page!

*** *** Miretti CoatEx & Miretti FilterEx *** ***

Miretti CoatEx provides a thermal barrier between hot engine surfaces (e.g. turbochargers and exhaust manifolds) and the external atmosphere. Enables the OEM “dry” turbocharger and manifold to be retained reducing Zone 2 conversion costs and minimising risk of failure by fitting non OEM turbo and water cooled manifold.

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The patented Miretti FilterEx system, when combined with Miretti Zone 1 and 2 exhaust gas coolers, enables Zone 2 diesel engine equipment to operate for up to 1,000 hours before the exhaust flame trap(s) are checked and eventually cleaned. Extending operating time from 20 hours to up to 1,000 hours – by not having to service the exhaust flame traps – can have a dramatic impact on the cost of operating equipment such as air compressors, gen-sets, pumps, cranes and wireline units.

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Flexibility, Reliability and certified Safety solutions for Atex flameproof engines in hazardous locations globally


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