Explosion Proof Technology added to existing products with worldwide Third Party explosion proof Certifications

A new challenge for our Group!!! This is a RAYMOND forklift Ex converted by Miretti Americas, our production facility based in USA.

Miretti Americas provides a complete line of Ex Forklifts. Also Miretti Americas carries out Explosion Proof Conversions for diesel and electric forklift trucks and vehicles produced by numerous manufacturers and used by companies in at least 50 different countries worldwide. The converted vehicle functions in the same way as the standard vehicle and provides explosion proof protection for safe use in “hazardous areas”. All Ex Solutions are custom designed and manufactured in accordance with the individual specifications of each customer.

Do you need more information? Please contact our team in Miretti Americas http://www.exequipment.com/index.html (Mr Christopher Chmiel, Saled Director Miretti Americas, can help you! chris.chmiel@exequipment.com ). Also… take a look and download the brochure focused on Trucks Ex convertions by Miretti Americas plant >>> (ask us for the password) https://miretti.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/BrochureMirettiAmericas-ExTrucks-aggJuly2020-lowris-passw.pdf