Four sets of HWU Hydraulic Workover Unit.

IEG Oilfield is grateful that up to now the company has been successful-safely delivered 4 sets of Hydraulic Workover Units for International clients and those unit are functioning and operating . All supporting sections and all related vendors were very helpful for that this unit can be successfully constructed and be operated as it expected or may exceed our client expectation in Onshore/Offshore operation wherever it is the unit now*.

Miretti Group is grateful to have contributed to the development of this important project which started at the end of 2018s.

Miretti Group would like to make a special thanks to IEG Oilfield Indonesia.PT and IEG Oilfield Singapore Pte.Ltd for allowing Miretti Group – specialized in explosion protections – to be part of this strategic and international project.

*The information and pictures (below) have been taken from IEG manager Linkedin page. Please see the link >>> 

For the specific project  (4 sets Detroit engines Hydraulic Powerpack Unit) Miretti Group provided the Miretti Zone 2 Atex System Kits .

Miretti Zone 2 ATEX compliant kits are reliable and safe solutions optimized for installation and ‘uptime’, maintenance friendly with FilterEx self-cleaning exhaust flame traps and spark arrestor elimination. Miretti FilterEx is a compact exhaust cooling system with an embedded  self-cleaning exhaust Flame and Spark arrestors. The System enables Zone 2 diesel engine equipment to operate for up to 1,000 hours before the inspection. Three systems in one system =

  • Gas cooler
  • Flame arrestor
  • Spark arrestor

Do you need more information about Miretti FilterEx?  >>> Please see the on-line section at this link FilterEx and contact our team 

Flexibility, Reliability and certified Safety solutions for Atex flameproof engines in hazardous locations globally



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