Flexi Action 1,000 trucks have been explosion proof protected for Atex Zone 2 IIB T3

Flexi articulated warehouse trucks have been explosion proof converted successfully. Now they can leave the Miretti’s plants and work safely in hazardous areas totally in compliace with Atex regulations.

Do you need more information? Please contact our team sales.department@miretti.com 

READY FOR DELIVERY Flexi Atex Ex Zone 2 Group IIB T3.

Thanks to Serema Carretillas

Below some pictures made during the explosion proof conversion process in Miretti’s production facility.

**Two of these pictures have been taken directly from Flexi web site in order to show better the features of the typical Flexi Action articulated truck. For more informazione about Flexi trucks, please see also the direct link https://www.flexi.co.uk/en/