Accidents in tunnels can have serious consequences. When an explosion occurs in an enclosed system, the fire can spread all around rapidly and escape is difficult. Dust, gas or even both can be present in the tunnel and potentially, they can be the responsible for an explosion. High temperature surface of diesel engines or electrical motors; hot exhaust gases and sparkling electrical devices due to their own complexity, represents sometime an obstacle to the way of protection.

This is the RELIABILITY in Explosion Proof Protection Systems for special projects and for vehicles that work in mines and tunnels environments.

Every equipment upgrades need a deep knowledge of the latest Explosion Proof ATEX regulation and a good understanding of the method of protection either mechanical and electrical. In addition to the above, all those protection systems have to be design around every single machinery trying to keep their performances and reliability identical to the original ones.

Miretti having a huge experience in Mining and Tunnelling, since 1973, has been capable to understand immediately the needs of the final user. Below some pictures of some of the latest Ex Vehicles (Ex converted by Miretti Group recently) working safely in these special hazardous environments. As you will see, some of these machines were photographed on site during the work.

Below  >>> Miretti Benelux service team on the road in Poland for the commissioning of an explosion proof mining vehicle!


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