Atex Miretti Training Session at the COCIV base camp in Arquata Scrivia (AL – ITALY), a concrete example

Only through knowledge is it possible to consciously and correctly operate systems without incurring in potential risks that can lead to catastrophic consequences, within classified zones.

The complexity of explosion-proof systems requires specific technical preparation and an in-depth understanding of the risks, safety regulations, and industry standards. It is essential that end-users, as well as operators and maintenance technicians, receive proper training for the appropriate, correct, and compliant use of explosion-proof systems, ensuring safe usage of converted equipment.

A concrete example of these concepts is represented by the training and professional growth sessions recently held by specialized Miretti trainers (in this case by Mr Diego Del Po, after sales dep. Miretti Group) at the COCIV base camp  in Arquata Scrivia (AL – ITALY) with the workers of the company SeliOverseas S.p.A (WeBuild Group) who are engaged in the construction of the tunnels of the Radimero – Terzo Valico dei Giovi.

Where explosion-proofing is present, both workers and the surrounding environment are safe.

We are convinced that the activity of an Explosion Proof Partner should not end with the Atex Protection of the vehicle, but it must go beyond. This vision also includes the intention of raising awareness as much as possible among those involved in the development of what we can call an “Atex culture”, a concept connected to the broader and more general “safety in the workplace”.