INNOVATIVE PROJECT…. LPG powered truck Atex Explosion Proof Protected. The first project worldwide!!!

Innovation is at the heart of the Miretti strategy going forward.
After completion of a project to develop ATEX compliant explosion protection for forklift trucks with LPG engines Miretti successfully converted to Zone 2 requirements several counterbalance trucks for handling LPG gas cylinders. With the handling and storage of LPG gas cylinders a common application for Miretti explosion protection the opportunity for users to select LPG rather than diesel engine trucks is likely to lead to many more such conversions in the future.

At the moment Miretti Group are worldwide the only one able to Explosion Proof convert LPG powered trucks, thanks to:

  • Research & Development, at the forefront of innovative technology solutions
  • Technical Department (inside the factory) with specialized mechanical and electrical engineers
  • Certification Department (inside the factory) alway in touch with all major certification bodies worldwide


Would you like to read the report with details of this projects?  Contact our team and ask for the password cod. Then download the report at this link >>> DOWNLOAD HERE

Stay Tuned with Miretti Group, always and everywhere!!