In Miretti plants Research & Development and Technical Innovation don’t stop even in Summer Time 🙂

The focus on Research and Development is a key requirement. In Miretti Group the flexibility and the ability to work simultaneously on different and numerous projects, all customized, are strategic elements. “We have never stopped investing in new technologies and R&D” – states Mr. Angelo Miretti, Managing Director of the company together with his sister Simona.

One of the many results of the constant focus on new technologies and innovative solutions is the work that the Miretti team is carrying out on the explosion-proof protections of forklifts with lithium technology, LPG trucks and hybrid trucks. All these innovative projects represents an important goal for the ATEX market and for the explosion proof protection world, and at the same time contributes to increasing the opportunities of End Users who are able to choose between different types of supply (diesel, electric, hybrid, LPG, lithium battery vehicles) in hazardous areas.

In this case history the focus is on the Atex Explosion Protection carried out on LPG YALE forklifts. The fleet of these LPG Yale Trucks has been Atex explosion proof protected (in compliace with Atex Zone 2 IIA T2) with the addition of the Miretti GasCheker. The GasChecker is a truck monitoring gas detection system for an additional safety

>>> If you want to know more about this system, please read the on-line news about Miretti GasChecker >>>

Miretti Gas Checker: a quick and cost-effective solution for an additional Safety

Thanks to YALE brand for believing once again in Miretti’s Explosion Protection Systems and Services!!!

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When the complexity of a Ex conversion is not an issue thanks to Research&Development and Technical Know-How

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Yale forklifts Ex converted in Miretti SEA, production facility based in Singapore

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Innovative Project : LPG powered Forklifts Explosion Proof Protected for Atex Zone 2 and 22 (gas): Yale fleet

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