Miretti use CoatEx to insulate and cool the turbo and exhaust manifold to meet atex regulations which is traditionally done by water cooling. Miretti Coatex is a cheaper more flexible alternative.

Miretti CoatEx is an innovative systems for explosion proof equipment. The Miretti CoatEx  conversion has carried out on a high pressure Explosion Proof Pump Unit for Calder in Worcester.

It is a Miretti UK’s project.

Compliments to all our colleagues in UK for this achievement!!!

What do you should know about Miretti CoatEx? Advantages…

Miretti CoatEx is an innovative system for Atex Explosion Proof equipment. CoatEx provides a thermal barrier between hot engine surfaces and the external atmosphere.

Enables the OEM (Original Equipment Manafacturers) “dry” turbocharger and manifold to be retained reducing Atex Zone 2 conversion costs and minimising risk of failure by fitting non OEM turbo and water cooled manifold.

Using Miretti CoatEx, all the original EPA listed components are used, keeping unchanged the functioning of the components.

All the original functioning of the components will be kept unchanged. The maintenance time is the same of what the OEM recommend. Very quick and simple operations are necessary during the service

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