Cost of “passive added-safety” for diesel engine and electric battery equipment operating in unclassified areas and risk that equipment continues to operate with explosive atmosphere present?

Miretti Gas Checker

Reliable and safe solutions for non classified areas (following the meaning of Atex directive)

  • Gas Detection

  • Control Solution with touch display

  • Automatic Truck Shutdown

The System can be easily fitted on all type of equipment, trucks, mobile vehicles working where the area is not classified .

A quick and cost-effective safety solution for daily operations.

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An Innovative Solution for the handling of potentially hazardous materials even if the areas are not formally classified as Atex zones. It’s a basic kit of parts that can be installed locally to provide gas detection, visual/audible alarms and automatic equipment shutdown at 25% LEL Propane in Air.

Miretti Gas Checker enable trucks to be operated in paints, coatings, logistic, material handling, pharma, chemical, foods & flavours, inks, bottled gases, aerosols, oil & gas industries, armed forces, defence, refineries and… in all unclassified areas.

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Do you need a Gas Detection System for Hazardous Areas? Please consider Miretti DetEx for Atex Zone 2

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