Miretti Group is presented as the main reference company for the Atex Explosion Proof Protection field in the material handing and forklifts market.

This “Forklift Special Ed.” is focused on forklifts and has been published by the specialized Italian Magazine LOGISTICA MANAGEMENT.

Through this technology dossier, Logistica Management asks the main manufacturing companies (as Toyota MH, Jungheinrich, Crown, Unicar, CLS etc…) to present the latest models of machines for internal and external handling, focusing on the details that make each forklift unique and distinguishable from the others. For the Atex Explosion Protection field, the magazine has chosen to speak with Miretti Group

“…Atex Miretti solutions are <at the service> of the trucks – states Mr Angelo Miretti, CEO of the Group –This means that the Miretti conversion aims to preserve, if possible, the original components and parts of the truck. All explosion-proof conversions are developed and implemented in agreement with original OEM equipment manufacturers to maintain original safety levels and ergonomics in accordance with local standards and regulations. The partnership with the main manufacturers characterizes Miretti’s Atex explosion proof conversions that try to preserve, if possible, the original components and parts. The complex standards designed for modifications do not impact on performance with protections that require easy maintenance while respecting the ergonomics of equipment.”

Just one example: the explosion-proof enclosures, mounted on the trucks, are as customized and ergonomic as possible to adapt to the layout of the machine…. So no intervention can be defined as a standard job: it requires knowledge of the latest Atex regulations, experience in the handling sector and engineering know-how. For each forklift it is necessary to identify the most suitable “explosion-proof” solution taking into account the characteristics of the machine (different for each brand), the Atex Zone, the classification of gas / dust, the temperature class, etc… The Miretti’s products are in compliace with international standard: ATEX, , IECEx, CAD, CNEx, NEC, FM, EAC Ex.

Environments and industries, where there could be potentially explosive atmospheres, include paints and coatings, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food and drinks, cosmetics and perfumes, printing inks, aerosols etc… Unprotected or inadequately protected equipment such as forklifts and industrial vehicles for material handling could be a source of ignition in such atmospheres and lead to a fire or explosion with often catastrophic consequences to workers and the site. Working in environments that are potentially at risk of explosion, where flammable or potentially flammable materials are handled, implies the necessity to operate with machinery that can boast the highest safety standards.

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In addition to the historical brands of trucks of which Miretti is an approved ATEX supplier eg. Still, Toyota, BYD, Hyster and Yale, Jungheinrich, in Miretti’s plants the employees work on trucks from numerous other brands such as Crown, UniCarriers, Heli, Hyundai, Carer, Ulma to mention just a few; and others where the collaboration is always active eg come  Clark, Linde, BT, Manitou, Caterpillar, Cesab, Doosan, Mitsubishi etc. The above is also supplemented with several ATEX earthmoving machines (of different brands including Atlas Copco, Hitachi, Volvo, Liebherr, Caterpillar) that, once Ex converted, are destined for the large construction sites and the so called Government’s strategic infrastructures.

Not only forklift trucks but also a wide range of vehicles including utility vehicles, wheel loaders, excavators, mixers, tow tractors, mobile cranes, industrial scrubbers, access platforms, dump trucks, cranes, tankers, drilling vehicles, personal carriers, monorails, ambulances and TBM’s.

Miretti Group provide efficiency, modern solutions and advanced designs that meet the needs of today’s industries for Explosion Proof Protections. “We have never stopped investing in new technologies and R&D” – states Mr. Matteo Stefanini, Global Sales Director of the company  – The cooperation doesn’t end with the integration of the explosion proof system into the forklift truck, vehicle or equipment. We are convinced that the activity of an Explosion Proof Partner should not end with the Atex Protection of the vehicle, but it must go beyond. This vision also includes the intention of raising awareness as much as possible among those involved in the development of what we can call an <Atex culture>, a concept connected to the broader and more general <safety in the workplace>”.

Perceived as a competent worldwide reference, the Group knows how to direct its customers to targeted choices: from design, to conversion, to after-sales service, to training. In addition to explosion-proof conversions, Miretti guarantees its customers a reliable after-sales service, qualified technicians, quality, and speed of maintenance.

Working in potentially explosive atmospheres forklift trucks and mobile vehicles must be reliable, efficient and safe. Miretti seeks to retain the original forklift truck and vehicle design features and to ensure the converted trucks and vehicles require a minimum level of service maintenance. The explosion protection process includes for eliminating the truck, vehicle or equipment ignition source potential for static electricity, sparks (both mechanical and electrical), high surface temperatures.  Miretti Group factories are certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and systems comply with the ATEX directives and supporting European directives and standards. To meet the requirements for international standards many Miretti systems and components are also certified to IECEx for multi-national operations and compliance. Outside of Europe Miretti also offers FM certification and NEC regulations and standards for North America, CNEx certification for China and other national standards as required as EAC Ex.

*for the images presented in this post: “courtesy of Miretti Group image library“

Founded in Milan (Italy) in 1973, Miretti Group today operates globally and annually provides explosion-proof protections for over 1,000 diesel and electric vehicles, over 150 diesel engines and over 200 vehicles for mines and tunnels for operations in areas at risk of explosion worldwide. Working closely with OEM R&D teams, Miretti is considered an innovative and reliable partner for explosion-proof conversions of most vehicles, engines and equipment. The various commercial and production branches facilitate Miretti’s work in proposing solutions in line with local directives and in all-round knowledge of the rules of this niche sector.

The Company operates worldwide with branches in Italy (Head Quarters), USA (production site), France, Germany, United Kingdom, Hungary, Benelux, Middle East, Australia, Singapore (production site), China (production site). Miretti is ISO 9001 and ISO14001 certified and is an Approved Supplier for the most important world manufacturers.

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