For both Cat. 2 (Atex Zone 1/21) and in Cat. 3 (Atex Zone 2/22).

They are also suitable for use in applications connected to mines / subsoil (M2).


The new Miretti plugs and sockets are an innovative, highly engineered and simple to use solution with three decisive advantages:

Compactness and Ergonomics | Easy to use | High Quality…

Are you worried about dimensions and poor ergonomics of the traditional plugs?

Now you will certainly be satisfied with the new plugs and sockets devised by Miretti which proves to be a lot less invasive as well as highly performing. They are extremely compact systems. Therefore, they can be easily mounted even on trucks and on machines where spaces are extremely limited.

The new system is easy to use for the operator who, through a simple and unique operation, can simultaneously disconnect both the positive and negative poles in a simple and quick way, avoiding complex and complicated extraction operations, which is what happens with current battery connectors…. … …

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