A fleet of STILL EXU 20 electric transpallet trucks fitted with AME kit (EGOproSafeMove) have been Atex Zone 2 explosion proof protected recently in Miretti plant for operating in Hazardous Areas

Thanks to STILL brand which has once again trusted in Miretti’s Explosion Proof Solutions for mobile vehicles (material handling field).

Atex Safety of Miretti Explosion Proof Solutions + Still trucks with AME kit


EXU 20 trucks, equipped with the anti-collision system between operator and vehicle and between vehicle and vehicle, have been explosion proof converted to be able to operate safely in Atex Zones.

STILL brand and Miretti Explosion Protections = Safety for the human being and for environment against the risk of dangerous explosions in compliance with Atex standard.

On these trucks Still has chosen to fit the AME (Advanced Microwave Engineering)  EGOproSafeMove System which has also been protected with Miretti Ex Solutions. The AME system notifies the driver in real time – through visual and sound alerts – the presence and position of operators, equipped with active DPI, who are approaching dangerously the moving vehicle. The system allows the driver to intervene promptly to avoid impacts with other operators or other vehicles by adopting the most appropriate safety measures.

Do you need more information? Do you have a Still truck which need to be Atex Ex converted? No problem! We can help you and support in your choosing to the best. Please, contact our team sales.department@miretti.com