Toyota MH is one of the main forklift manufacturers globally with which Miretti Group has developed a solid partnership for the Explosion Proof Truck’s Conversions.

Regarding the Toyota forklifts’ Atex Explosion Proof Protections, Miretti Group is the approved supplier of the Toyota brand worlwide.

The partnership with the forklift manufacturer characterizes Miretti conversions which try to preserve, if possible, the original components and parts. The collaboration with Toyota allows Miretti to know the specific characteristics of Toyota trucks and therefore to propose 100% customized explosion-proof solutions.

Miretti and Toyota work together globally in the Atex Explosion Proof Conversions: the partnership is active and continuous from  East to West, from Singapore to Italy.

From Singapore….

In Miretti SEA, the Miretti’s production facility based in Singapore, our team has delivered recently some Toyota Atex Ex trucks for Toyota Material Handling Australia, Toyota Singapore dealer and Toyota South Korea dealer.


Toyota Model = 8FBN25 | ATEX (Zone 22) 3D, IIIB, 200 deg C | the Ex conversion has also included the new EX blue spot safety lights – front & rear

Toyota Model =8FBR18  | ATEX (Zone 2) 3G, IIB, T3 | the Ex conversion has also included the new EX blue spot safety lights – front & rear

Toyota Model = 8FBE18 |  ATEX (Zone 1) 2G, IIB, T2

Toyota Model = 8FD25 | ATEX (Zone 1) 2G, IIB, T2

The application fields are many as animal feed additives manufacturing and paint coating manufacturing etc…

If you need more information about these Ex conversion for APAC countries, please contact Mr Brian Loh, Miretti SEA director 

… to Italy

Also in Miretti Group head quarter in Italy, many Toyota forklifts have been Atex Explosion Proof Protected recently by Miretti’s production department for Hazardous Areas.

The Toyota 9FBM60T has been fitted with the new Miretti Atex Plugs and Sockets more ergonomic, innovative and compact device which can be easily mounted even on trucks  where spaces are extremely limited.

If you need more information about the New Miretti Atex Plugs and Sockets, please read the article published on magazine recently >>>

Thanks to TOYOTA MH for believing in Miretti’s Explosion Protection Systems and Services for Hazardous Areas

for the images presented in this post: “courtesy of Miretti Group image library“
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