Thanks for the trust that VOLVO brand is once again giving to Miretti Ex Safety Systems for Heavy Duty Vehicles in Hazardous Areas

The Volvo Wheel Loader L90H has just arrived in Miretti’s Italian head quarter. The Explosion Proof Conversion will start as soon as the Miretti’s quality technicians carried out all the due checks on the machine.

Do you want more information about this explosion proof conversion immediately? Can’t you waint for this update?  Ok, no problem!  Miretti Group boasts a multi-years expertise in Explosion Proof Systems for Heady Duty Vechiles and Special Projects, worldwide.

Contact our team and take a look at this link or read our “Mobile Vehicles Case History Section” and find the stories about Heavy Duty Explosion Proof Solutions

Please see also another Volvo Wheel Loader L90H  Explosion Proof Protected by Miretti Group for Atex Zone 21 >>> these pictures below show the Volvo wheel loader already Atex explosion proof converted