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Our experience makes us a reliable partner in DeNOx SCR for Cogeneration Systems and for Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) abatement and reduction up to 95%.

SCR Systems can work in Power Plants, Generators Sets, Cogeneration Plants, Several Industrial Sectors, Waste Disposals. Our support consists in the choice of the best technological solution based on the regulations and specific sustainability requirements. We also support you in the choice of reagents and monitoring systems.

No intervention can be defined as a standard. The internal technical department of the company, made up of specialized engineers, guarantees rapid and effective answers regarding the sizing and characteristics of the proposed systems. The internal warehouse and the after-sales department ensure continuous support even after the supply of the system.

We can provede SCR DeNOX Systems worldwide thanks to our many production facility and commercial branches located around the world: Italy, Europe, USA, South Amercica, China, Singapore, Middle East, Australia…

All our DeNOx systems combine the maximum quality standards with high efficiency and low operating costs.


Every SCR system is designed, manifactured and fitted according customer needs thanks our in-house technical department (Miretti Italy – Limbiate) with mechanical and electrical enginers too.

We can guarantee quick and effective answers about the dimensions and characteristics of the proposed systems.

Also our warehouse (located in Limbiate – MB – Italy) and the after service departments ensure continuous support and assistance also following the supply.

Qualified Technical Assistance is available to aid Customers both in the initial phase of design as well as during the subsequent assembly phase and operational functioning. Emissions Measurement Service is available.

Available also SCR for Marine Applications.


Miretti Technical Department

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SCR DeNOx is designed for reducing Nitrogen oxides (NOx) in exhaust gas through conversion in Nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O). This process is named Selective Catalytic Reaction (SCR).

The reaction needs ammonia (NH3) as a reducing agent, a temperature high enough and a catalytic brick wall.

The catalyst uses a ceramic substrate. In SCR, ammonia is used as selective reductant in the presence of excess oxygen.



98% performance


highly efficient


low operating costs

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