The international magazine World Expro dedicates an article to Miretti Group inside its section “Innovators” thanks by the constant attention to innovative technologies and new solutions in Explosion Proof Protections.

The article has been published in the last edition of the international magazine “WorldExpro” one of the premier information source for the world’s upstream oil executive. It speaks about Miretti’s technology in the sign of Research and Development in order to offer to customers Ex Solutions and maximum safety always in compliance with the most important international standards: ATEX, IECEx, CNEx, NEC.

Below the most important abstract regarding Explosion Proof Solutions by Miretti Group

Over 40 years dedicated to the environment and safety of the workers”. This is the mission of the Miretti Group. Combining the latest in Research & Development and Innovative Technologies, Miretti Group boasts an impressive experience in the explosion protection of material handling, oilfield and coal mining equipment to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Working in environments that are potentially at risk of explosion implies the necessity to operate with machinery that can meet the highest safety standards. History has taught us that such risks are very real and the impact is often catastrophic: diesel engines, working in potentially flammable atmospheres, can be an explosive mix that places workers at serious risk. For this reason, the Miretti’s Ex conversions have been designed and implemented with the most advanced technologies and with the help of solutions to simplify equipment maintenance, thus reducing intervention.

We work closely with all leading global OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer). All explosion proof conversions are developed to maintain the original safety levels and ergonomics in conformity with local standards. Miretti’s conversions do not affect the operation or warranty of engine or of the OEM unit. All Miretti conversions are tested and certified according to ATEX 2014/34/EU, IECEx, CNEx, NEC, etc.

Highest quality, IP protected, innovative and fully certified systems are guaranteed for all types of oilfield equipment. Complete project builds including Ex testing and Third-Party certification is available through Miretti factories in USA, Europe and Asia.  Special attention has been devoted to the developing of new solutions that are optimized for installation and ‘uptime’. Maintenance friendly with FilterEx self-cleaning exhaust flame traps and spark arrestor.

Miretti Zone 2 (ATEX) Kits include:

  • FilterEx ‘compact’ exhaust gas coolers with self-cleaning exhaust flame arrestors
  • CoatEx system applied to ‘dry’ engine turbos and exhaust manifolds
  • Miretti Exd conversion of electric starter
  • Miretti Exd alternator and Exe battery
  • Miretti Control and Instrumentation

The patented Miretti FilterEX system enables Zone 2 diesel engine equipment to operate for up to 1,000 hours before the exhaust flame trap(s) are checked. This can have a dramatic impact on the cost of operating equipment due to the increased interval between flame trap service requirements. Designed to limit the exhaust gas temperatures to below the ATEX temperature class requirements, Miretti FilterEx is available for all types of engines.

Miretti CoatEx is an innovative solution with independent third-party certification, that provides a thermal barrier between hot engine surfaces and the external atmosphere thereby allowing industrial engines to be used within hazardous areas whilst meeting the Atex surface temperature demands.

Specialized also in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Petroleum, Gas industry and Mines & Tunnels environments, Miretti provides solutions for the explosion proof protection of forklift trucks, earth moving machines and various types of mobile vehicles. The production range also includes explosion proof sophisticated lighting systems, electricity sub-stations, data transmission and gas detection/control systems.

The reliability of our customized solutions – states Mr. Angelo Miretti, Managing Director – comes from the experience acquired over the years. Our Headquarters are in Italy but we have opened locations all over the world to guarantee the widest possible cover of intervention, combined with an international vision that has always characterised us. The cooperation doesn’t end with the supply of the EX vehicles.  We ensure we also a reliable after-sales service, qualified technicians, quality and fast maintenance ”.

Miretti Global annually protects over 1.000 diesel and electric vehicles, 300 engines and enclosures, and upwards of 200 vehicles for mines and tunnels.  The company, founded in 1973, has a global footprint with manufacturing facilities in Italy, North America and China and commercial branches in Australia, Singapore, Middle East, UK, Germany, France, Benelux and Hungary. The Miretti After-Sales Service aims at supporting the client step by step to maintaining its productivity.