SafetyFirst! for the Atex Explosion Proof Protections made by Miretti Group
Explosion-Proof Protections “at the service” of the mobile vehicles, always and everywhere.

The article has been published on (21th May 2020)

SafetyFirst! It is not just a slogan with a social character. The Miretti Group has started to circulate the hashtag #SafetyFirst! on its website and on online platforms, such as Linkedin and Twitter, in conjunction with the current health emergency, one of the most complex historical periods for our Italian system and for the whole world too. With this hashtag #SafetyFirst! Miretti management wanted to give a positive message: at the time of the pandemic, attention to safety has become even more decisive, one of the keywords of the group’s mission and a value that today affects all of us.


Even in times of emergency, Miretti Group has remained operative. Miretti has chosen to operate with an even greater sense of responsibility to continue to be a reliable partner in explosion-proof protections and fumes purification devices to stay alongside its customers. We are suppliers for companies that have continued to be active, even in the early periods since the lookdownof the epidemic: pharmaceutical, chemical companies, health sector, plastic processing companies, food and beverage sector, etc. … all companies that heve been considered strategic. This is one of the reasons why we felt required to continue to do our work in the best possible way, always respecting the new limits imposed for the safety of our employees, customers and suppliers– declares Angelo Miretti, CEO of the group together with his sister Simona. In the words of Mr Miretti we can find the meaning of the term, “Resilience“, a word that is increasingly acquiring a profound value of resistance, adaptation to change and desire to start again with a positive and pro-active spirit.

The reorganization of production and the after-sales service, the networking done together with the commercial managers of the foreign offices and the smart working mode have allowed the Miretti Group to continue to support its customers despite the difficulties. The physical proximity has been replaced by the virtual one, strengthening the network already existing between the various commercial and production sites . This added value is strategic for a company such as Miretti which is responsible for Ex protections, not only in Italy but throughout the world, according to the regulations for “hazardous areas”.

The Group has also decided to keep its customers updated through social channels by informing them of new explosion-proof conversion projects recently completed. We have therefore chosen to make talk the positive results achieved by the group with the many companies with which we have been working for years. In addition to the historical brands of trucks of which Miretti is an approved supplier for Atex such as Still, Toyota, BYD, Hyster & Yale, in Miretti’s plants the employees work on trucks of numerous brands such as Crown, Unicarriers, Heli, Hyundai, Carer, Ulma that have added to other brands with which the collaboration is always active such as Jungheinrich, Clark, Linde, BT, Manitou, Caterpillar, Doosan, Mitsubishi and many others.

Several movement Atex machines will also be added (of different brands including Atlas Copco, Hitachi, Volvo, Liebherr, Caterpillar) which have been able to reach in safety the large construction sites.



The result of the constant focus on new technologies and innovative solutions is the work that the Miretti team is carrying out on the explosion-proof protections of forklifts with lithium technology. After the first Atex conversion in the world (2018) of a truck with lithium battery, the commitment of Miretti engineers and technicians on this specific front is continuing today with the aim of increasing and consolidating its know-how to make Atex Ex conversions available on lithium-powered vehicles that also prove energy and emissions efficient.


In this overview of positive results, we would like to remind the explosion-proof conversion project for LPG-powered trucks which involved various Yale brand vehicles . Also in this case it is the first Atex Ex conversion in the world of  this type of trucks. It is the result of both the exchange of data between the  Group branches and the work carried out by the Research and Development department, both inside Miretti family. The work carried out on lithium technology and LPG trucks, as well as hybrid ones,  represents an important goal for the Atex world, and at the same time contributes to increasing the opportunities of end users who in hazardous areas can choose between different types of supply (diesel, electric, hybrid, lgp, lithium battery).



Not only trucks and not only earth moving machines but Atex conversions have also affected machines as “utility vehicles“. Then there are the explosion-proof protections carried out on special towing vehicles and electric vehicles for lifting and handling materials. And in this period, in which the sanitation of  environments becomes of primary importance, we remember the kits to make safe the scrubbers used in areas at risk of explosion.


These are some examples of Atex protected vehicles that are added to the other special vehicles  that usually make up the fleet of machines affected by explosion-proof processes. All these projects have required four-handed work conducted by the technical office and the certification department to find the most suitable, most compact and most effective solution.

Attention to Safety does not stop. #SafetyFirst! Always and everywhere. Today more than ever.