Miretti Group is in compliance with EN1755 standard. Miretti Group has been in compliance with EN1755:2015 standard since April 2017. From April 2017, all Miretti’s customers received their Ex forklifts/trucks/mobile vehicles fully compliant to the new EN1755.

Our Group have a specific know-how and an important expertise on this strategic new standard in order to let the Ex trucks working in safety in hazardous zones 1,2,21,22.

EN 1755 “Safety of industrial trucks. Operation in potentially explosive atmospheres. Use in flammable gas, vapour, mist and dust”.

EN1755 is mandatory from November 2017. All Ex trucks on the markets must be in compliance with the ATEX 2014/34/EU regulation in order to be safe. The new EN1755 groups the latest solutions and indicates which type of security level will be asked for the future into the market of mobile vehicles Explosion Proof Protected.

The biggest changes are for equipment that work in Zone 2:

  • Tyres and polymer wheels must be antistatic when and where the travel speed is greater than 6 Km/H. It is required not only for trucks working in zone 1 area but also in zone 2,21,22 areas.
  • All tyres and others….. must be conductivity to the earth (using conductive tyres)
  • Roll up cabin sides and other externally made in non-metalic parts must be antistatic.
  • Seats and back rests must be antistatic and attached to the vehicles chassis. This because now the movement of the worker is considered a potential ignition risk
  • For more information and details, please contact us sales.department@miretti.com Our managers will give you any useful updating!!!

All categories of mobile vehicles are involved: Zone 1 2G / Zone 2 2D / Zone 21 2D / Zone 22 3D

The EN1755:2015 has maintained the most important principles of the current standard but it has aligned current legislation with other standards…. Please contact us for more information…. sales.department@miretti.com / after.sales@miretti.com

Following this new standard and these new requirements, customer should consider that the explosion proof components leadtime and delivery could be longer. This consideration should be taken also for the maintenance planning programms in order to minimize the downtime problems.