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Periodic Safety Audits (every twelve mounths) for Explosion proof trucks ensure peace of mind and compliance with the ATEX directives.

Miretti expert engineers will attend any site to conduct the Periodic Safety Audit from Miretti sales and service offices across Europe, the USA and Singapore.

To ensure an explosion proof truck is carefully managed and remains explosion proof throughout its lifetime it is important to:


Only allow truck operation within its designated areas using trained truck operators who understand any limitation of its use


Ensure the truck is always subject to daily/weekly/monthly/annual safety inspection and maintenance checks according to the trucks operations and maintenance manuals (the owner of the vehicle all checks recorded in the truck log book)


Ensure that any service maintenance or repair of the explosion proof element of the trucks is only undertaken by Miretti’s engineers or by specialized technicians (skilled personnel) who are appropriately trained and certified by Miretti. Miretti Group train and certify truck service engineers to carry out service maintenance (each engineers certificate is valid for two years before refresher training due)


Always refer to the trucks service parts manual and only order replacement parts that meet the original explosion proof specification as advised by the truck supplier and their explosion proof supplier


Arrange every twelve months for a site based Periodic Safety Audit of the explosion proof element of the truck by an expert Miretti’s engineer who can confirm the truck continues to fully comply with the trucks ATEX/Ex specification.

For more information regarding Miretti Safety Audit please contact our team

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Please provide as much information as possible about your equipment.

    Under the ATEX 1999/92/EC directive the end user site has a responsibility to ensure that their work equipment is designed and maintained with due regard for safety.

    Truck providers and their end user customers often refer to European standard EN 60079-17 for guidance on the inspection frequency of all electrical equipment and will consider the need for all ATEX/Ex trucks and similar equipment to be inspected at least once every 12 months.









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