The Miretti Group is proud to have partecipated in the realization of this strategic project by suppying the safety and explosion protection systems for hazardous areas.



Tunnels and Gallery are environments in which can occur an explosion. Accidents in tunnels can have serious consequences. When an explosion occurs in an enclosed system, the fire can spread all around rapidly and escape is difficult. Dust, gas or even both can be present in the tunnel and potentially, they can be the responsible for an explosion. High temperature surface of diesel engines or electrical motors; hot exhaust gases and sparkling electrical devices due to their own complexity, represents sometime an obstacle to the way of protection.

Miretti Group can Explosion Proof Protect every type of machines for mines and tunnels and for Atex Group I M2 (Hazardous Areas). For more information visit the on-line page CLICK AND OPEN or contact our team 

Mines & Tunnels

[….]The supersize tiller manufactured by Herrenknecht , is the largest in Europe. Herrenknecht designed and built an Earth Pressure Balance Shield (EPB) machine following the specifications of Pavimental SpA…..  

Among other things, a complete alarm and safety system was implemented to reliably protect construction site personnel from possible dangers deriving from methane gas deposits expected in the subsoil during excavation progress, a solution that has proved effective [….]

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