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The “first 50 years” of Miretti activity
in Explosion-Proof Protections and Fumes Abatement

Working for Excellence & Innovation.

Turning 50 and not feeling it. This is the spirit with which Miretti looks at its first 50 years, all dedicated to the development of explosion-proof technology for the protection of vehicles, engines and industrial equipment operating in areas at risk of explosion and to the supply of exhaust cleaning solutions.



In these 50 years Miretti has become the International Group that it is today and the main point of reference for the explosion-proof market in the world, growing in size and know-how. From a small Italian company, founded by Pier Carlo Miretti in 1973 in the Milan hinterland, it has become a global player in the Explosion Proof Protections & Exhaust Cleaning Solutions sector with more than 1,500 explosion-proof conversions per year and protection systems supplied throughout the world.


For those interested, in the volume “Our story, our future”, just published in Italian and English and available on reservation by contacting the Headquarters offices in Limbiate (MB), Miretti tells its story, its international expansion and the strategic assets underlying its operations.



To celebrate this anniversary and to allow the many customers around the world to see the production spaces made available for explosion-proof processes, Miretti created a 360° Virtual Tour of the HQ’s factory. It is an immersive and unique experience that we invite you to try >>>


We can say that, over the years, with its work, Miretti has contributed to the evolution of explosion-proof technology in the world. The history of the Group began in 1973 with purification systems for trucks and industrial vehicles which were immediately joined by the explosion-proof business for handling vehicles. From here begins the journey that leads us to today. Over the course of these years, the Miretti philosophy has been built and strengthened, which can be summarized in one word, POSSIBILITY, understood as feasibility, positivity, concrete innovation, craftsmanship and technological development.


Explosion-proof conversion is an obligatory choice in hazardous areas. In fact, it is the legislation that imposes this obligation in terms of safety. In this field, reliability is a fundamental aspect. The R&D, Certification and Technical Office departments within the Group support the management of the project in all its phases. The many offices around the world create a networking between the needs and requirements of customers and increasingly customized protection solutions. The internal warehouse with availability of spare parts, the centralized after sales and the many service points around the world guarantee continuity of support even after supply. The customer care office, at the Group’s headquarters, allows us to establish a constant, effective and meticulous dialogue with the customer throughout the entire supply cycle.  Watch the new Miretti corporate video >>>


To make a difference in this sector it is necessary to implement technical innovations and systems designed to be at the service of the vehicles and the needs of the end user. We need to work on “cut and sewn tailor-made” solutions for each individual vehicle. The solutions must have minimal impact on the machine and must also be able to preserve its characteristics, functions and performance as much as possible. It is also important to develop protection methods that allow you to make use of the most advanced technology available on the market. Miretti has always carefully followed the technological evolution of the automotive and aeronautics, the most advanced and driving sectors, with constant updating that encourages research and experimentation for the benefit of the Atex solutions proposed in terms of innovation.


Over the years, with preparation, commitment and desire to get involved, the company established itself among the major groups and OEMs. Working in close contact with large manufacturers allows the company to adapt to their quality systems by implementing processes and procedures borrowed from advanced production companies. This is a great challenge from which and thanks to which the Group finds the motivation to improve. Miretti chooses to stand alongside its customers but with an independent spirit and vision.


Placing R&D and innovation at the service of its customers needs and the market also means overcoming limiting conditions to make better alternatives accessible that were previously precluded. This too is the philosophy of POSSIBILITY and of the ACTION. The explosion-proof device of the future, which Miretti is designing, is increasingly safer and, as far as possible, more agile and less cumbersome. More efficient and minimally invasive, maximum ergonomic – within reason – for every type of machine. The new solutions will tend to be increasingly compact and naturally green, also combining fume abatement systems. The effort in Miretti is constantly oriented towards being present in the many international markets through production, commercial and workshop locations. In this way we are global and, at the same time, also local.

Miretti celebrates its anniversary already desirous to enter the next 50 years of its future, always with the mission of Explosion-Proof Safety and Environmental Protection.

The Innovation, signed by Miretti, continues.

Never stop Evolving



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