For over 45 years (since 1973) Miretti Group boasts an impressive expertise in Emission Control Systems and Fumes Purification Devices Reducing Exhaust Pollutions in the atmosphere.


The main Miretti’s Fumes Purification Devices:

– DeNOx SCR Systems
– OXY Metallic Catalytic Converters for heavy, medium, light engine power
– Oxidation Catalysts for CO and VOC reduction on CombustionTurbines and Boilers
– Innovative Ecological Kit Anti-Pollution and Anti-Particulate Device for off road vehicles
– Oxy «CO» Special Substrates for Biogas
– Water Purifiers/Mufflers
and much more….


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No intervention can be defined as a standard and it is also for this reason over the years Miretti wanted to invest in Research and Development by making use of a Technical Office (with both mechanical and electrical engineers) and a Quality Control department both within the company. Addition to the constant attention to Research, there are two fundamental levers in terms of quality : a reliable After-Sales Service and Spare Parts Supply.

The internal technical department of the company, made up of specialized engineers, guarantees rapid and effective answers regarding the sizing and characteristics of the proposed systems. The internal warehouse and the after-sales department ensure continuous support even after the supply of the system.

We can provede SCR DeNOX Systems, Catalysts and Kits in Italy (our head office is close by Milan) and worldwide thanks to our many production facility and commercial branches located around the world: Europe, USA, South America, China, Singapore, Middle East, Australia…

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