The Miretti Group has chosen to support the ” CareReady Mobile Diagnostic – Day on the PREVENTION against Breast Cancer” by supporting the free of charge screening initiative for breast cancer prevention which is held in Limbiate (Monza Brianza | near Milano) 22th September.

The specialized on-line Press wanted to interview Mrs Simona Miretti, CEO of Miretti GROUP, to understand the reasons for this important choice.


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Why did you choose to support this event dedicated to prevention?

Prevention is the basis of any therapeutic path and therefore must become a habitual practice to be undertaken with the right dose of serenity and awareness.

Never as in this historically complex period has it been necessary to confirm the importance of “health welfare“. The facts have shown that no one – unfortunately – can think of themselves as immune to health problems. And that is why prevention, done continuously, is so important. The Covid pandemic has made us more aware that we no longer need to take anything for granted.


What is the message that Miretti wants to launch by supporting this project?

Since 1973, one of the Miretti’s strategic slogan is: “over 45 years dedicated to the environment  and safety of the workers “. Our business concerns the explosion proof protection of industrial equipment and fumes purification systems and devices. The final goal is the  protection and the safety of employees and the safeguard of the surrounding environment.

In our work, therefore, the concept of Safety has always been and still is very much felt. Working in such a particular area as explosion proof we are used to considering the importance of “informing and educating” our customers.

Our strong sensitivity towards Prevention is also born from this corporate attitude. We are convinced that we must increasingly educate and circulate information to stimulate greater awareness of common feeling.

In this specific case, then, the issue is even more delicate because it touches on a medical topic that unfortunately still affects a large number of women of many age groups.


How important is the social responsibility of a company for the development and well-being of a territory?

It is important and  very strategic. These are aspects that must go together. There can be no a real and lasting business growth without, at the same time, promoting the development and well-being of the local community. The ethical value is, in fact, a determining element within the company activity.

And it is also for this reason that Miretti – despite being a company that over the years has been able to expand internationally by opening production and commercial offices all over the world – recognizes the importance of maintaining a strong relationship with the local territory, with local institutions and with citizens.

Is it the first time that Miretti support a WelfareCare’s event?

Yes. This is the first experience with WelfareCare and we are happy to have undertaken this collaboration. We got to know your reality through Mr Antonio Romeo, the Mayor of the Municipality of Limbiate and we immediately understood the commitment of the initiative.

Our company has always been very sensitive in providing its support to social appointments like this event. Therefore, when we learned that the CareRady Mobile Diagnostic event would also stop in Limbiate, we immediately decided to support it.

How do you think the initiative will be received by the community?

Of course, the free screening event will be an important opportunity for the local community and we are convinced that this appointment scheduled for 22 September will see an active participation of the population.

From our site, we have notified the appointment by communicating the event to employees and their families, many of whom are residents of the area.