What Standards need to be respected when dealing with explosion proof products?

All equipment intended for use in potentially hazardous areas must be in full compliance with current Legislation. In Europe all products must comply with ATEX Directive 94/9/EC and in USA with NFPA 585, UL 583 and UL 558 Rules.

How long does it take to carry out an explosion proof conversion?

An average lead time of about 8 weeks can be considered but this may vary depending on the type of machine or equipment to be supplied. In general when a truck or industrial machine is a new prototype to be completely studied and approved, delivery time is about 16 weeks.

Can I buy a used Explosionproof protected Miretti Forklift truck without its re-certification?

Certainly not. Miretti must re-issue the certification for any used Explosion Proof Forklift or Industrial Machine. The requirement guarantees protection to the new user or purchaser. Trucks or industrial machines resold without this written re-certification can be denied access to OEM parts or can be instructed to return the invalidated Explosion Proof labels or certifications to Miretti.

What are the hazards of an EX environment and how are they solved?

EX environments become changeable when excessive temperatures are introduced and gases, vapours or concentrations of dust in that environment are ignited. Hazards occur when non-approved electrical apparatus working in the environment fail and create open flames, static electrical discharge or sparks.

When the elevation of temperature reaches the auto ignition level of the chemicals being utilized, the result is an immediate explosion or fire. Explosion Proof Forklifts and Industrial Machines are built, tested and classified for use in EX environments.

Explosion Proof Forklifts and Industrial Machines in static electrical conditions, vehicle turn-over or electrical failure do not produce auto igniting circumstances or temperatures.

Do I need an Explosionproof Forklift?

Local Authorities have the power to assess whether or not an Explosion Proof forklift is required. Where public safety is involved, the authorities can operate on a Regional, State, National or International level. Authorities include the Health and Safety Department; Construction officials and electrical inspectors.

Sometimes the Authorities can be represented by Insurance Companies or by a property owner or his or her designated representative. The following regulations need to be considered when purchasing an electric or diesel forklift truck or industrial machines: ATEX Directive 94/9/EC for Europe and NFPA 585, UL 583 and UL 558 for USA. European, American or Chinese Regulations must be strictly observed when defining the type of explosion proof conversion to be carried out, according to the different classified areas.

Can anyone repair or service an Explosionproof protected Miretti Forklift truck?

As prescribed by European EN 60079 Standard only authorized and skilled engineers can carry out routine maintenance on explosion proof forklift trucks or industrial machines. Miretti offers specific training courses for service engineers issuing each participant with a 24 month valid certification.

Direct factory technical service and Spare Parts assistance is available to all customers. If an Explosion Proof truck or vehicle is serviced by an unauthorized engineer, the truck’s certificates and labels will be invalidated. It is also imperative that only Miretti components be used to repair Miretti Explosion Proof Forklift Trucks or Industrial Machines.

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