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Explosion Protection Safety Solutions and Services across United Kingdom 

Miretti Group is a worldwide company which can offer explosion protection solutions for the safety of all customers across United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

Thanks to our Branch based in Northamptonshire, UK (Miretti UK LTD) Miretti can support quickly all customers across UK market (Great Britain and Ireland) offering explosion protections solutions and services for the material handling, oil&gas  industries, underground environments etc… . Miretti can provide ex components, ex conversion of trucks/mobile vehicles, ex engine power systems and powerpacks and many other ex products for safety in hazardous areas.

Miretti’s products and systems are designed, manufactured and fully certified in compliace with worldwide standard and regulations: ATEX, IECEx, CAD, CNEx, NEC, FM, EAC Ex.

Also Miretti team can guarantee a reliable after-sales service to all UK customers: fast response times, dedicated assistance, telephone and on-site support and the availability of specific explosion proof spare parts.

Safety First across UK!!!

Reliability  Innovation  Quality  Certification  Engineering Excellence  Research&Development in Explosion Protections for Hazardous Areas 

… we can offer a prompt premium ATEX service for all manufacturers and users…

Miretti UK LTD 


Enrico Colombo, sales director Miretti UK

Dave Reid, after sales manager Miretti UK

Russell Mogg, after sales engineer Miretti UK



After Sales


The reasons why the UK market should choose the Miretti’s Expolision Proof Solutions…

The New UK Branch premises have enabled the holding of a larger Parts Stock, and more room to develope the in-person, or increasingly the on-line training that has proved popular world-wide. By using modern technology, and live demonstrations on a work-bench, it has been possible to create the nearest thing to in-person training, from the UK to many regions world wide.

Miretti UK offer prompt parts supply, parts conversions, training – and when needed, technical support – on site if required!


Local Presence >>> we have a Branch based in UK ( Raunds | Northamptonshire NN9 6GR ). This branch is 100% Miretti (not partners or others).


The Local Support >>> high quality know how engineers and after sales managers. They will be able to support all UK customers in all their technical requests and purchase needs.


The Competitive Pricing >>> we want to offer the best Explosion Proof Conversion for all our UK clients considering Quality, Reliability and Pricing totally in accordance with the UK market. Also for this important reason we decided to be present in UK with a Miretti’s branch and a Miretti’s UK team


Easy and Fast Transport Service >>> from Miretti factories the atex ex forklifts/equipment/engines can be shipped easily and quickly to all clients across UK market too. The logistic and transportation options are not difficult to manage for Miretti Group even in the UK market.


The Certifications>>> the Miretti explosion proof systems carried our for UK market are all in compliance with worldwide standard (ATEX, IECEx, CAD, CNEx, EAC Ex… )

The Same Quality >>> for the UK market we offers exactly the same Quality and Innovation levels of all Miretti’s Explosion Protection Systems and Services without compromise!!!!!

Miretti welcomes visitors to contact our UK branch (e.colombo@miretti.com)… In the meantime the Miretti Corporate video (CLICK HERE) highlights Miretti leading technology and the various trucks, vehicles and engines under explosion proof conversion.


Ex Solutions and Services for Mobile Vehicles across UK

Miretti Group offer explosion proof protections for forklifts and other mobile vehicles, trucks (lift trucks, reach trucks, pallet and stacker trucks, pickers, etc.), utility vehicles, special vehicles (cranes, access platforms, industrial scrubbers, scissorlifts, telescopic handler, dumpers, earthmoving machines, tow tractors, heavy duty machines for mines and tunnels, etc.) and much more.

Miretti Group can provide explosion proof protections for vehicles/equipment in compliace with ATEX standard for use in Atex Zone 1, 2, 21, 22 and other worldwide regulations  (IECEX, NEC, CNEx, EAC Ex, etc.)

Ex Solutions and Services for Diesel Engines across UK

Miretti Group can provide Fully Explosion Proof Powerpacks for Engines certified for use in hazardous locations: standard or customized to reach the clients’ needs and in compliance with worldwide regulations (Atex, IECEx etc…). They are available for all leading brand and engines manufacturers: Cat, Cummins, Deutz, Perkins, MTU, John Deere, JCB, Detroit, FPT, Kaeser, Volvo etc… Miretti also has developed a range of Engine Explosion Protection Kits for Marine and for Industrial engines too. Also we can Ex convert gensets and compressors for working in hazardous areas.

Available both solutions: Explosion Proof Fully Packaged Engines and Explosion Protection Kits for Engines (Marine & Industrial).


CAT C27_1

Ex Components across UK

Miretti Group can provide a significant range of certified electrical equipment, flameproof enclosures, control units and warning lights. Also we can provide Ex components as Miretti FilterEx, Miretti CoatEx, Miretti DetEx, Spark Arrestor, Shut-Off Valves, Air Inlet Flame Arrestor, Ex Alternator, Ex Alternator, Ex Battery, Exhaust Flame Arrestor and much more.

All these components are certifed for use in hazardous areas in compliace with worldwide standard: ATEX, IECEX, NEC, CNEx, EAC Ex, etc.


After Sale Service & Support across UK

Do you need support in Hazardous Areas? or… Do you need Ex spare parts across UK? 

Miretti Group will always do the best to give a feed-back quickly everywhere and always across UK market!

Miretti UK team can offer a prompt premium ATEX service for all manufacturers and users

We can guarantee:


Parts available in stock for up to 10 years >>>


On Line assistance to certified participants >>>


Training program for service engineers >>>


Annual periodic control of all converted vehicles >>>


Intervention reports management


Engineering Excellence in Ex, Certification and Technical Departments

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