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Explosion Protection Safety Solutions and Services across United Kingdom 

Miretti Group is a worldwide company which can offer explosion protection solutions for the safety of all customers across United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

Thanks to our Branch based in Northamptonshire, UK (Miretti UK LTD) Miretti can support quickly all customers across UK market (Great Britain and Ireland) offering explosion protections solutions and services for the material handling, oil&gas  industries, underground environments etc… . Miretti can provide ex components, ex conversion of trucks/mobile vehicles, ex engine power systems and powerpacks and many other ex products for safety in hazardous areas.

The extra Conversion sales, and recent developments within the UK after-sales department have necessitated both a new workshop for the UK market.  The workshop, in East Northamptonshire, has enabled the holding of a significant spares stock, meeting and training facilities, and a workshop area to carry out parts conversions, where possible. Global demand has grown significantly, and the UK Branch is playing it’s part, with customers spreading the word regarding the reliability, and strong design principles that Miretti employ.

Miretti’s products and systems are designed, manufactured and fully certified in compliace with worldwide standard and regulations: ATEX, IECEx, CAD, CNEx, NEC, FM, EAC Ex.

The Miretti Group invests heavily in innovation to improve our products and processes, delivering better solutions to our customers. We have  state-of-the-art technical department, a quality lab and development lab. Together, they improve and innovate our processes and products, and conduct performance testing for our customers.We are firm advocates of practising sustainable processes. Our efforts have reduced consumptions of all utilities – electricity, air, natural gas and water – consistently for over 45 years. We continually invest in process innovations to improve and enhance our efforts.

Also Miretti team can guarantee a reliable after-sales service to all UK customers: fast response times, dedicated assistance, telephone and on-site support and the availability of specific explosion proof spare parts.

Safety First across UK!!!

Reliability  Innovation  Quality  Certification  Engineering Excellence  Research&Development in Explosion Protections for Hazardous Areas 

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    Miretti welcomes visitors to contact our UK branch (a.webb@miretti.com)… In the meantime the Miretti Corporate video (CLICK HERE) highlights Miretti leading technology and the various trucks, vehicles and engines under explosion proof conversion.

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