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Miretti Group once again has taken up the challenge to develop new solutions to convert many types of modern stage V diesel trucks to explosion-proof conditions, for safe use in Atex classified areas



In a phase of global energy transition, such as the one we are experiencing today, the handling market requires the possibility of using diesel forklift trucks that are always more “green” and more performing. We are talking about stage V diesel trucks with turbo engine and combined DOC filter (diesel oxidation catalyst) + DPF (anti-particulate filter) for reducing emissions, as required by the European regulation.

These trucks must be able to be used for handling even in areas at risk of explosion. In order to operate in hazardous areas these machines must be suitably protected in an explosion-proof manner for safe use in Atex classified areas while maintaining their original rating in terms of emissions. This is the challenge posed by the market.

Miretti Group, strong in the proactive spirit that has always distinguished it for over 50 years, has taken up the challenge. Once again it has chosen to stand by the end user by developing new solutions to convert many types of modern stage V internal combustion engines to explosion-proof conditions. The work was carried out four-handed by the Technical Office and the Research & Development Department.

The engineering study and operational work in production have made it possible to implement conversion solutions in comply with the emission limits, performances and ergonomics of the machine, making it safe in total compliance with the Atex Directive. Currently Miretti can easily convert stage V diesel trucks for Atex Zone 1 and 2 and with T1, T2, T3 temperature classes up to, therefore, ignition temperatures not lower than 200°. As with every innovative project undertaken by the Group, research is ongoing in this case too and the working table at Miretti is always open.

To allow these machines to work safely in Atex zones and to keep their original rating unchanged, two main macro-themes are highlighted here among the actions implemented by Miretti: the control of the heat rejection and the interception of the time at which regeneration of the particle filter is to take place. The results obtained are confirming the validity of the solutions undertaken.

During the explosion-proof conversion phases, thermal tests are carried out on all the hot spots of the truck to verify and customize the technical solution adopted also on the basis of the specific needs of the machine and any problems detected. The original components of the exhaust line are preserved, without the need to replace them. The CoatEx system, patented by Miretti, represents one of the solutions adopted to limit the surface temperatures and allowing to stay below the critical temperatures required by the conversion. CoatEx does not intervene on the functionality of the original exhaust line, maintaining a high level of safety of the engine itself.

As regarding, instead, the regeneration of the DPF filter, we started from three considerations: in order to continue to break down the particulate matter correctly and maintain the original stage, the machine must be able to regenerate the particulate filter, the regeneration must necessarily take place in an area not classified, the Atex machine must operate in safety. The after-treatment systems, mounted on handling vehicles, are now advanced and allow you to monitor the saturation of the filter by planning its regeneration. In response to this situation, Miretti applies a safety system which inhibits the automatic regeneration of the filter and allows this necessary operation to be carried out when the truck is in an area not classified as Atex.

During all phases of the R&D work, close and constant collaboration was maintained with the OEMs also thanks to the agreements in place with all the main trucks manufacturers and brands. The direct line with the manufacturers certainly represents an added value for Miretti solutions. It allows, in fact, to carry out a meticulous planning and to have an in-depth knowledge of the vehicle to be converted.

The work on this type of machine joins the one carried out on lithium battery, hybrid and LPG-powered trucks. They are all concrete examples of the huge engineering and innovative effort implemented by Miretti to allow the end user to use the most modern technologies offered by the market in dangerous areas without foreclosure. With the Atex conversions of Stage V diesel trucks, currently possible on numerous types of modern internal combustion engines, the range of handling vehicles that can be used safely in areas at risk of explosion is further expanded.

The experience of 50 years of activity of the Group in the automotive and handling sectors has certainly contributed to face the challenges of the market in a proactive way. The work on many types of complex machines, and often very different from each other, has certainly allowed Miretti to refine the ability to understand the dynamics of these vehicles, to follow the technological innovations of the manufacturers and to find the relative solutions. In this process, the articulated know-how of the Group, which since 1973 has also been operating in the Fume Abatement Systems sector (Exhaust Cleaning Solutions), plays a decisive role. The continuous synergy of these two core businesses enriches networking and stimulates the sharing of information for the benefit of innovative solutions.

Faced with market demand, extensive analysis and testing work is carried out, ideas are tested, new projects are implemented, new solutions are always found “at the service” of the machine to be transformed. The challenge is answered positively and concretely with cutting-edge, ergonomic and customized solutions. Even so, Innovation is achieved while remaining reliable and performing.


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