Matteo Stefanini, Sales Director  illustrates the present and future of a company that has inspired the sector with its explosion-proof solutions for over 50 years.

We have been present with a stand at LOGIMAT SHOW 2024 (Stuttgart | Germany)

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Miretti Group at LogiMAT 2024 reiterates the will to be the global point of reference in explosion-proof solutions

The article-interview has been published on network and on TCE magazine (28th March 2024) . Below you can find the english translation


During LogiMAT 2024, we had the pleasure of meeting Matteo Stefanini, Commercial Director of the Miretti Group, a leading company in the explosion-proof solutions sector. With a cutting-edge vision and a constant commitment to innovation, the Miretti Group has been a source of inspiration and point of reference on a global level for over 50 years. In particular, Stefanini highlighted the company’s expertise in Ex converting machinery, engines and industrial vehicles for use in environments at risk of explosion and in reducing polluting emissions. He highlighted the importance of direct contact with customers and the need to keep up with technological evolution and the increasingly sophisticated electronics of machines. Stefanini then outlined the Group’s future initiatives, including new partnerships and the launch of innovative products.

What are you currently working on?

We have a significant workload, which goes far beyond the explosion-proof conversion of forklifts. Our core business remains material handling, but thanks to our constant search for diversification, we are also very active in the earthmoving and construction infrastructure sectors. For example, we are working intensively in areas such as mines and tunnels, where it is essential to protect operating machines.

Why is there this boom in requests? And how to face this challenge?

The underground sector is less saturated than the machines/trucks sector, so the volume of work is truly impressive. Furthermore, with the start of the large construction sites financed by the PNRR, we find ourselves having to manage increasingly complex and technologically advanced machines. To accelerate the transformation process, we collaborate closely with large companies in the sector.

What is the significance of your presence at LogiMAT 2024?

The Logimat fair is effectively a meeting point for our customers, with whom we develop innovative and sometimes unique technical solutions, which precisely due to the high level of customization we cannot show publicly. LogiMAT represents a unique opportunity to meet all our partners, not just the Italian ones. The Miretti Group is now a consolidated reality; in 2023 we celebrated “our first” 50 years of activity. We are happy to be a source of inspiration for many and to have demonstrated that <explosion proof> solutions are more relevant than ever as well as mandatory.

Precisely because we work with many manufacturers and many brands, this year we thought of bringing an augmented reality viewer “Miretti HQ 360°” to the stand (CLICK HERE) to allow our guests to live an immersive experience among the many machines in Atex conversion phase within our main factory of approximately 16,000 mq (Milan hinterland).

The fair is increasingly international, what about you?

Our presence is global: last year we strengthened our position in the United States, where we are market leader for explosion proof solutions, and we exported our conversion philosophy. We are expanding our business in North Africa and consolidating our presence in Europe, Asia and Australia. One of our latest innovations was the opening of a company entirely controlled by Miretti in China, to better serve the Asian Region – APAC market which is already largely covered by our other production site based in Singapore, Miretti SPE, active for several years now. Large OEMs have repeatedly asked us to be present on site, as much of their production has moved there. It is the last piece that currently makes our Group even more complete in terms of a global and, at the same time, local network.

What are the next technological frontiers you are exploring?

We are working closely with OEMs on several innovations, particularly on the lithium battery front. We were already a pioneer with our Ex d enclosure solution in 2018. Now we are developing an alternative that is valid internationally, not limited to just Europe.

What are the next technological frontiers you are exploring?

Thanks to our partnership with foreign laboratories, we aim for a universally applicable transformation. It is a complex challenge (another of the many challenges that have affected our company in these over 50 years of activity in the field). We know that the process will be long, but if we manage to achieve this goal, we will be able to offer something truly innovative, which will project us into the future. Our Group is always ready to take on new challenges and overcome its limits because technical, operational and engineering research and the desire for truly actionable innovation are elements that have always been inherent in Miretti’s DNA”

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