Toyota and Miretti together globally for Trucks Explosion Proof Protections for Hazardous Areas in compliace with Atex regulations (Zone 1 – 21 – 2 -22)

Miretti Group is approved supplier of Toyota brand. Toyota Material Handling relies once again on Miretti Explosion Proof Protection Systems for mobile vehicles.

              Toyota Fleet  8FD25 Trucks Explosion Protected for Atex Zone 1 

               Toyota 8FBE18T Ex truck for Atex Zone 1 and Zone 22

              Toyota Fleet of 8FBE20T trucks Ex protected for Atex Zone 1 and Zone 22

                 Toyota truck 02-8FDF25 (Tonero 25) Ex converted for Atex Zone 2

                Toyota Truck 8FBMT25 explosion proof protected for Atex Zone 2 and Zone 22

                  Toyota Truck FBMK20T explosion protected for Atex Zone 2

>>> Not only Toyota brand. We work with BT brand too….

                                      BT Truck VCE 150 A Explosion Proof Protected for Atex Zone 2

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Toyota and BT trucks Explosion Proof protected in Miretti SEA

Some of many BT trucks recently Explosion Proof Protected for Hazardous Areas