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Safety. People are often unaware of the dangers of operating inadequately protected equipment in hazardous areas. Or, as Matteo Stefanini sales director Miretti Group explains, there is not always a suitable culture on the topic. How much work is behind an explosion-proof system?

The explosion-proof of today and the future by Miretti Network



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Occupational safety must be a strategic element within a company: knowing and recognizing the dangers of where one has to operate makes all the difference, even more so in complicated contexts where the presence of gases, vapors, mists, dusts can – at certain concentrations – cause explosions. In this case it is necessary to use machines  with special set-ups, capable protect the environment and workers from even catastrophic consequences. One of the leading names in the explosion-proof conversions is Miretti, an Italian group with to its credit more than 50 years of experience and important collaborations with leading manufacturers, which tells its world through the words of the commercial director, Matteo Stefanini.

Miretti Group: what is your identikit?

We are an Italian company with offices around the world, established in 1973, specializing in explosion-proof conversions of equipment intended to operate in hazardous areas and in the supply of systems for abatement toxic fumes. Research & Continuous development, technological innovation combined with the craftsmanship of making, global networking, specialized know-how, high customization in manufacturing and positivity of making are some of the company values that have characterized Miretti since its inception. Last year the company celebrated 50 years
of activity, a milestone that for us is also a new starting point and takes us ferry us into the future in the name of safety explosion-proof and environmental protection.

It’s easy to “say” ATEX: but how much work is behind an explosion-proof system?

ATEX is one of the standards among those in force, the most well-known directive in Europe, but it is not the only one: think of IECEX, CNEx, NEC, UKCA. These are all regulation in accordance with which a partner of the flameproofing must carry out the conversions in order to be a stakeholder global. In this Explosion Proof Protections market, in fact, reliability also comes from the meticulous knowledge of all major international certifications.

ATEX conversion is a must in explosion hazard zones. Converting a machine is not a simpe operation: technology runs fast, trucks are different from each other, increasingly complex and reflect the rapid and continuous changes in the market. To developments technology we respond with innovation, protection methods that are increasingly more “pushed” in terms of ergonomics and customization and solutions that are increasingly less invasive. This is also possible thanks to the partnership agreements defined over the years with all the major OEMs, which allow us to
have a maximum knowledge of the machine to be transformed. Our goal is to stand by the side of our customers, with solutions aligned to their needs, while preserving, at the same time, an independent spirit that is a prerequisite indispensable for being innovative, performing and reliable. To this, we add the continuous development of know-how also thanks to the participation in numerous working tables on the Ex standards at the international level.


What are the dangers in explosive environments?

The risks can be very high: an inadequately protected vehicle, active in an explosion-prone zone, can have even catastrophic for people, the company and the surrounding environment. The safety explosion-proof should be considered as safety in the workplace and it is no longer enough just to convert the machines according to current standards, it is necessary to accompany it with a culture company and education on the subject. It is essential that end users, as well as operators and technicians responsible for service technicians, are properly trained, so that they are aware of
what is being done and how it is being done, avoiding mistakes. We strongly believe in the need to raise awareness on the issue, so this is why we implement training programs and specialization courses conducted in-house or remotely. Since 2007 we have organized more than 550 courses, training about 2,500 technicians.

1973-2023: how has the world of explosion proofing changed?

Miretti has been working in this field since the 1970s, when very little was known about Explosion Proof in Italy. The founder, Pier Carlo Miretti, was a manager-pioneer who went forward in a little-known field, and the company’s history is strongly intertwined with the evolution of explosion proofing not only in Italy, but in the rest the world. There would be so much to say. Hence the decision to write the book “our story, our future” in which the company’s narrative is enriched with narratives about the Ex scenario.

All-round sustainability is the cornerstone of the future: what challenges await you in the short and long term?

Miretti has always embraced the value of sustainability and today pursues it on three fronts. The first is the Company System, with actions such as taking care in the selection of its suppliers; modernizing its HQ and production facilities with eco-friendly furniture, photovoltaic panels and electric mobility; and promoting corporate welfare and on-the-job training paths for its employees. We come to the second front.

We partner with the most important OEMs, which in turn are at the forefront of pro-sustainability processes. In our relationship with these large international groups, with their high and complex standards, we find the motivation to always improve, working every day to live up to this responsibility. This reflection leads to the third and final front. Sustainability, as attention to the environment, also comes through working explosion-proofing on the latest generation of vehicles, such as the internal combustion engines of Stage V trucks fitted with anti-pollution devices (DOC+DPF). The intervention allows the vehicle to work safely in hazardous areas while maintaining its original emissions rating. The Miretti Group, then, is also in the market as a supplier of harmful atmospheric emission abatement systems such as SCR, catalytic converters, particulate filters, and ecological kits.

Will you be presenting news at Logimat 2024?

Participation will be a time to meet, share and exchange. We are engaged on many fronts, always “on the move” both physically and mentally, and one of our core values is research. Examples of this are the many solutions we have been working on in recent years, such as socket plugs, lighting systems for forklifts, former transformations of lithium and LPG trucks for Zone 2, results that are still unique in the world.

To make a difference in this sector, technical innovations and systems that are “cut and sewn to measure” on the individual vehicle must be deployed: solutions with minimal impact on the machine that preserve its features, functions and performance. The flameproof of the future, which Miretti is designing, is increasingly safe, efficient and minimally invasive, ergonomic to the maximum – within reason – for each type of machine. New solutions will tend to be increasingly compact, less impactful and, of course green, also combining fume abatement systems.


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