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Explosion Proof Solutions for Hazardous and Explosive Environments across USA market

North American Standards | Worldwide Tri-Certifications

Miretti Group is a worldwide company which can offer Explosion Protection Solutions for the safety of all customers across American market.

Thanks its production facility based in New Jersey (Miretti Americas) Miretti can support quickly all customers across USA market offering explosion protections solutions and services specifically in compliance with North American Standards too and worldwide tri-certifications.

Miretti Americas has taken a major step forward with a significant investment in the latest EX technologies to provide efficiency, modern solutions and advanced designs that meet the needs of today’s industries. All Explosion Proof Miretti Americas Equipment has been tested and approved by an Internationally Recognized Testing Laboratory and comply with or exceed the UL 583, UL 1203 and UL 1604 Standards for Safety. Underwriter Laboratories (UL) writes Standards for Safety that are compatible with the U.S. National Electric Code and other nationally recognized installation, building and safety codes.

Miretti Americas can ensure reliable Ex conversions also in compliance with Atex, IECEx, CNEx and other worldwide standards and regulations thanks the relationship with all Miretti’s network and the other Miretti’s production facilities around the world.

All customers across South America can be quickly and directly supported by Miretti Americas thanks to a commercial branch based in Brazil too.

Miretti can provide ex components, ex conversion of trucks/mobile vehicles, ex engine power systems and powerpacks and many other ex products for safety in hazardous areas in compliace with North American standards. Also Miretti Americas team can guarantee a reliable after-sales service to all USA customers.

The Miretti Americas After-Sales & Service Support Departments provide technical support aimed at providing the most personal client service to maintain productivity and protect your investment.

Reliability  Innovation  Quality  Certifications Engineering Excellence in Explosion Protections for Hazardous Areas


Safety in Explosive Environments in compliace with North American Standards too!!!

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EX | DX Products & Services

Explosion Proof Forklifts

Explosion Proof Conversions – Truck Conversions

Engines, Gensets, Power Packs and Compressors

Explosion Proof Conversions - Specialty Conversions


Miretti Americas can cover several industrial sectors without problems and provides the type of explosion proof protection which best suits the customers’ needs.

There is a wide range of Industries that require the use of EX and DX Equipment such as Aerospace, Automotive, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Paint, Plastics, Distilling, Construction, Mining and Coal, Explosives and Munitions, Army and Defence, Nuclear Power, Petroleum etc…)

EX | DX Products & Services


Miretti Americas products and services are classified to global safety standards for use in:


North American Class I, Divisions 1 & 2


Groups C, D & G 


European ATEX 2014/34/UE Directive for Zones 1, 2, 21, 22

Miretti explosion proof conversions do not alter the operation of the OEM unit nor do we compromise the footprint of the unit. The only difference, in the end, is a new explosion proof designation.

All Miretti conversions are tested, certified and listed by a Nationally & Internationally Recognized Testing Laboratory following the clients requests. Not a single unit can be sent into the field without a certified EX label on it.

The main products are: A complete line of Explosion Proof EX Forklifts I Explosion Proof Converting Engines/Gensets/Compressors I Explosion Proof Technology Added to Existing Trucks (many brands) I Explosion Proof Technology Added to Existing Special Vehciles (Earthmoving Machines, Scissor Lifts etc…)


Explosion Proof Forklifts ( complete line)


Explosion Proof (EX) Forklifts for use in explosive and hazardous environments. A complete line of sit-down rider, rider counterbalanced, pedestrian operated and narrow aisle EX Forklifts, available with a variety of EX handling apparatus and attachments.

EX Forklifts are custom designed in accordance with the individual specifications of each customer. The Miretti Americas product lines offer a complete range of Explosion Proof trucks, including both Electric and Diesel models.


Engines, Gensets, Power Packs and Compressors Explosion Proof

Explosion Proof Converting Engines (marine, Industrial) , Gensets, Compressors and Power Packs with sophisticated protection systems for use in hazardous applications.

Miretti Americas offers explosion proof engines conversions of area classified US Class I, Div. 1 & 2 (as well Zone 1, 2G and Zone 2, 3G) providing both the electrical and mechanical protection of the engine.

EX Conversion to Class I Div. 2 Explosion Proof Standards includes: Meeca System | Caps | Electric Starter | Junction Box | Control Panel Display | Cutoff Switch Box | Alternator | Battery Box.

New projects: Miretti Americas provide Tier 3 and 4 Engines Explosion Proof | Marine Diesel Engines too in compliace to FM & U.S Coastguard sagety regulations.  Also Miretti Americas Ex converted the first gas powered engine to Class 1, Div. 2 for the NEC500


Explosion Proof Conversions – Truck Conversions

Explosion Proof Technology Added to Existing Products with Worldwide Third Party Explosion Proof Certifications.

Miretti Americas carries out Explosion Proof Conversions for diesel and electric forklift trucks and vehicles produced by numerous manufacturers. Miretti Americas can work with many brands: Toyota, Hyster & Yale, Caterpillar Cat, Raymond etc…

The converted vehicle functions in the same way as the standard vehicle and provides explosion proof protection.


Explosion Proof Conversions – Specialty Conversions

Miretti Americas provides specialty conversions to scissor lifts, boom lifts, personnel carriers, sweepers, scrubbers, tuggers, earthmoving machines, wheel loaders and mining equipment. Customized explosion proof conversions have reached extremely high technological levels and use sophisticated protection systems.

Miretti Americas can work with many brands and manufacturers thanks its worldwide experience in the Heavy Duty Solutions for hazardous areas.

Explosion Proof Technology Added to Existing Products with Worldwide Third Party Explosion Proof Certifications.

Some of the latest Explosion Proof Projects carried our by Miretti Americas recently for engines, forklifts and special vehicles









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