The Miretti’s technological and engineering effort to Atex Explosion Proof protection of various machines for underground applications: different vehicles, different types of use, differen sizes (small/heavy duty/compact layout), different scope of supply, different brands etc…
In the Atex field, the underground projects need often customized explosion proof conversions against any risk of explosion!

Miretti Team is flexible in response to the market demands and is reliable in offering 100% Ex customized solutions with “ad hoc” designs and projects. Thanks also its Technical Office and Certification Department, both inside the Company itself, Miretti can gain insight about any eventual problems that might arise, however complex, such as spaces or structural limits.

The Explosion Proof is often a forced choice (It is the legislation that requires you to follow certain standards of protection!!!). The conversion is a meticulous procedure. For each special vehicles and for each equipment in general, the most appropriate “explosion-proof” solution must be identified considering the characteristics of each brand, the classification of work area and gas and/or dust, the temperature.

Miretti always works to ensure that the Explosion Proof conversions are “at the service” of the equipment on which they are mounted.

Tunnelling and Material Handling applications are always part of Miretti’s heritage. Since 70’s we are fully committed to work as partner of the most important international contractors and OEM’s. International and very well known brands relie on Miretti’s high quality know-how in Explosion Proof market. Below you can find some examples of various differt special and heavy duty machines which have been Atex explosion proof portected in Miretti head quarter in compliance with Atex Group I M2 (Underground, mines and tunnels environments).

The Atex Gator John Deere Utility Vehicle

The utility vehicles Gator John Deere has been Ex explosion proof converted for Atex Group I M2. It is a sort of a prototype Atex machine delivered for the UK mining market. It is not easy to explosion proof convert such a compact machine created for extreme conditions.

The Gator John Deere utility vehicle has been Atex Ex protected thanks to the technical and design effort made by Miretti who analyzed and then managed all steps of the Atex conversion (Group I M2 T=150°). This utility vehicle is a compact special truck not so easy to be Atex converted.

The Atex Cifa CSS3 Spritz

This machine is an example of heavy duty solution which has been managed in the Atex field. The Cifa concrete pump truck has been Atex explosion proof protected for operating in mines so the Atex machine now is in compliance with Atex Group I M2 and can work safely in hazardous locations.

The collaboration between Miretti and Cifa has been active for many years.

The Atex Hitachi Wheel Loader

The collaboration between Miretti and Hitachi too has been active for many years. The Hitachi wheel loader has been Ex converted in compliace with Atex Group I M2. This machine is part of a series of many other wheel loaders and excavators (all heavy duty machines) which have been Atex Ex protected by Miretti.

Watch the video about the Atex Hitachi wheel loader >>>

The Atex Astra-Iveco HD8 64.38

The Astra truck mounted concrate pump has been Ex converted in compliace with Atex Group I M2. This machine is part of a series of many other Astra Dumpers and Trucks which have been Atex converted by Miretti for underground applications.

The collaboration between Miretti and Astra-Iveco too has been active for many years.


for the images presented in this post: “courtesy of Miretti Group image library“


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