Jungheinrich is one of the forklift manufacturers Miretti Group has always worked with.

Thanks for the trust that JUNGHEINRICH is once again giving to Miretti’s know-how about Atex Explosion Protection Safety Systems for Material Handling Sector.

This is an example of Jungheinrich truck (model = ETV116n) which has been successfully explosion proof protected for ATEX (Zone 2) 3G, IIB + H2 (Hydrogen) + C2H2 (Acetylene), T4.

The explosion proof conversion has carried out in Singapore by Miretti SEA, our production facility for the Asian market, for Jungheinrich Singapore.  The end user is a consumer goods manufacturing plant in Singapore.

The truck is fitted with >>>

  • EX standard lighting system
  • EX blue spot safety lights – front & rear
  • EX camera & monitor
  • Brass sheathed forks
  • Final test 3rd party witness inspection by Bureau Veritas Singapore

The technical expertise developed globally by Miretti Group regarding the Atex Explosion Proof Protections of Jungheinrich brand trucks

Working in potentially explosive atmospheres Jungheinrich forklift trucks must be reliable, efficient and safe.  Miretti Group seeks to retain the original truck and design features and to ensure the converted trucks and vehicles require a minimum level of service maintenance. Environments and industries, where there could be potentially explosive atmospheres, include food and drinks, customer goods, paints and coatings, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics and perfumes, printing inks, aerosols etc… Unprotected or inadequately protected equipment such as forklifts and industrial vehicles for material handling could be a source of ignition in such atmospheres and lead to a fire or explosion with often catastrophic consequences to workers and the site.

Miretti’s Explosion proof conversions have been implemented with the most advanced technologies and with the emphasis on safety, simple equipment operation and continued safe maintenance. The explosion protection process includes theeliminating of any ignition source potential for example static electricity, sparks (both mechanical and electrical), high surface temperatures.


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Jungheinrich trucks explosion proof protected for Hazardous Areas (ATEX and IECEx standard)

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