The Hyster 5.0 diesel truck has been Explosion Proof Converted for Atex Zone 1 Category 2G IIB T 4 recently in Miretti’s head quarter.

Another challenge won by Miretti Team!

The project has not been simple. It has presented some difficulties considering the combination of two stratetic elements: Truck model +  Type of Atex Ex conversion. Howerver thanks to its Research&Development Department and thanks to its technical know-how, Miretti Group has been able to accept the challenge and has Atex Explosion proof converted the forklift correctly.

  • Research & Development, at the forefront of innovative technology solutions
  • Technical Department (inside the factory) with specialized mechanical and electrical engineers
  • Certification Department (inside the factory) alway in touch with all major certification bodies worldwide

As for many other trucks brands, Miretti knows very well the Hyster’s needs and know very well whach are the Hyster forklifts features because Miretti Group is approved supplier for Hyster&Yale.

Thanks to Hyster brand for believing in Miretti’s Explosion Protection Systems and Services!!!

for the images presented in this post: “courtesy of Miretti Group image library“
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